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    • Integrated Framework for Discovering Digital Library Collections, An 

      Calhoun, Karen (2005-10-05)
      Information seekers are generally on their own to discover and use a research library's growing array of digital collections, and coordination of these collections' development and maintenance is often not optimal. The ...
    • An integrated geophysical investigation of recent seismicity in the Al-Hoceima region of North Morocco 

      Calvert, A.; Gomez, F.; Seber, D.; Barazangi, M.; Jabbour, N.; Ibenbrahim, A.; Demnati, A. (Seismological Society of America (SSA), 1997)
      Data produced by the Moroccan national seismological network and marine seismic reflection profiles are used to investigate the most seismically active region in Morocco, located on the Mediterranean coast at the intersection ...
    • Integrated Management of Flies in and around Dairy and Livestock Barns 

      Watson, D. Wes; Waldron, J. Keith; Rutz, Donald (New York State IPM Program, 1994)
      In the past, management of flies in dairy and livestock barns often relied solely on insecticide use. But this single-tactic approach can aggravate fly populations' resistance to insecticides and inadvertently destroy ...
    • Integrated Management of Fungus Gnats in Production Greenhouses 

      Couch, Gary; Baglia, Rose (New York State IPM Program, 2005)
      Fungus gnats are very serious pests in greenhouses, especially where propagation by cuttings takes place. We suspect that many disease problems in greenhouses are due to high fungus gnat populations. In 2003, several of ...
    • Integrated Management of Soilborne Viruses Threatening Winter Wheat 

      Bergstrom, Gary C.; Sorrells, Mark E.; Gray, Stewart M. (New York State IPM Program, 2003)
      Chemical seed dressings and planting date choice were assessed in field plots as potential tactics complementary to partially resistant varieties for the integrated management of Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus (WSSMV) ...
    • An Integrated Management Strategy for Bacterial Speck Disease of Tomato in New York: Deciphering the Web of Induced Resistance 

      Herman, Maryann Adel Borsick (2008-02-15)
      Incorporating plant activators into integrative pest management programs is an appealing option for controlling bacterial diseases of greenhouse and field-grown tomatoes. Two types of plant activators, compounds that ...
    • Integrated Nonlinear Optics In Silicon Nitride Waveguides And Resonators 

      Levy, Jacob (2011-08-31)
      The emerging field of silicon photonics enables the fabrication of on-chip, ultrahigh bandwidth optical networks which are critical for the future of microelectronics. One of the bottlenecks for multi-core, multi-processor ...
    • Integrated Pest and Crop Management TAg Teams in NWNY 

      Stanyard, Michael J. (New York State IPM Program, 2002)
      Tactical Agriculture Teams (TAg) have proven effective for teaching farmers, agri-business representatives, and extension personnel the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) as well as nutrient management and ...
    • Integrated Pest and Crop Management TAg Teams in NWNY 

      Herendeen, Nathan R.; Stanyard, Michael J. (New York State IPM Program, 2001)
      Tactical Agriculture Teams (TAg) have proven effective for teaching farmers and agri-business representative the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) as well as nutrient management and improved crop cultural ...
    • Integrated Pest and Field Crop Management Outreach Project 

      Fields, Lisa (New York State IPM Program, 2001)
      This project entailed a new approach to delivering IPM/ICM education to the local dairy farm community. The concept of on-site demonstration was employed by having volunteer host farms to serve as data collection and field ...
    • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Research and Demonstration in New York Municipalities 

      Braband, Lynn; Gangloff-Kaufmann, Jody (New York State IPM Program, 2005)
      Pesticide reduction at the municipal level depends on the adoption and implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) and other best management practices. Many municipalities in New York and around the country are ...
    • Integrated Pest Management Around the Home and Garden, BCERF Fact Sheet No. 31 

      Buoniello, Robin (Cornell University Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors, 1999-11)
      This fact sheet provides information on how Integrated pest management (IPM) can be used to reduce pesticide use and minimize pesticide exposure. The fact sheet provides definitions of IPM terms and practices, and also ...
    • Integrated Pest Management Field Day: Focus on Diagnosis 

      Eshenaur, Brian; Rosenblum, Sharon (New York State IPM Program, 2000)
      The objective of this project was to promote integrated pest control strategies to individuals responsible for Landscape and turfgrass maintenance. This program was promoted both to individuals working in the public and ...
    • Integrated Pest Management Field Guide For Christmas Trees: Douglas Fir, True Firs, Spruce 

      Mallozzi, Stephanie (New York State IPM Program, 2007)
      Integrated Pest Management Field Guide for Christmas Trees: Douglas Fir, True Firs, Spruce
    • Integrated Pest Management for Greener Lawns and Landscapes 

      Stewart, Kristen (New York State IPM Program, 2000)
      1. Provide education to homeowners, Master Gardeners and those interested in maintaining lawns and landscapes in an environmentally sound and safe manner. 2. Set up a workstation to allow individuals to research insect ...
    • Integrated Pest Management for Organic Field Corn Producers 

      Ganoe, K. (New York State IPM Program, 2006)
      Organic corn producers work under a different set of constraints due to the standards set by the USDA and their local organic certifying agency to be certified organic. The information and experience base for organic ...
    • Integrated Pest Management for Stinging Insects 

      Braband, L.; Gangloff-Kaufmann, J. (New York State IPM Program, 2006)
      Stinging insects, such as bees, yellowjackets, and other aggressive wasps, pose a significant threat to humans in the outdoor environment. Social wasps and bees will sting when provoked or especially when the colony is ...
    • Integrated Pest Management for the Deer Tick 

      Klass, Carolyn (Dept. of Entomology, Cornell University, 2008-12-09)
      A 5 page overview of deer tick life history and management information for New York State residents.
    • Integrated Pest Management Training in Pesticide Applicator Areas: Structural & Rodent and Food Processing 

      Nelson, W. (New York State IPM Program, 2009)
      Pesticide applicators in structural and food processing categories regularly contact CCE, MC seeking both certification training and recertification training venues.  NYS DEC pesticide inspectors and Lynn Braband concur ...
    • Integrated Photonics 

      Gondarenko, Alexander (2010-04-09)
      In 1958 the first integrated circuit was demonstrated to combine transistors, resistors, and capacitors [36]. To this date fabrication technology has been driven by the growing demand for monolithically constructed, densely ...