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    • Information Sources for Food Studies Research: Food, Culture and Society 

      Duran, Nancy; MacDonald, Karen (2006)
      Food studies is highly interdisciplinary across both science and social science fields. It can include anything pertaining to food and eating from how food is grown to when and how it is eaten to who eats it and with whom ...
    • Information Theory With Large Alphabets And Source Coding Error Exponents 

      Kelly, Benjamin (2011-08-31)
      The early twenty-first century has been referred to as the 'information age'; this appears to be an apt name given the massive amounts of data that are created daily. However, the utility of the data is limited by the tools ...
    • Information Topology of Kinetic Models of Metabolism 

      Huang, Lei (2017-01-30)
      Interpreting mathematical models in general as functions that map parameters to model behaviors (for example, how reaction rates depend on reactant concentrations, or how protein concentrations depend on time), and ...
    • Information-Flow Security for Interactive Programs 

      O'Neill, Kevin R.; Clarkson, Michael R.; Chong, Stephen (Cornell University, 2006-04-17)
      Interactive programs allow users to engage in input and output throughout execution. The ubiquity of such programs motivates the development of models for reasoning about their information-flow security, yet no such ...
    • An Information-Theoretic Study of Cooperation in Networks 

      Dabora, Ron (2007-04-30)
      This thesis presents a study of cooperation in networks using the tools of information theory. We first review the basic network models, with an emphasis on the relay channel, as this is the most basic configuration of ...
    • Informed Institutional Trading And News Announcements 

      Li, Guohua (2009-08-19)
      This dissertation studies the daily institutional investors trading patterns before and after public news announcements in the US equity market, such as Merger and Acquisition announcement and release of macroeconomic ...

      Zhou, Xing (2007-08-31)
      Valuation of corporate debt has been an extremely important, albeit imprecise task in asset pricing. Both structural models and reduced form models have had limited success in explaining the corporate yield spreads observed ...
    • Informing Land-Use Planning in the Wappinger Creek Watershed 

      Allred, Shorna B.; Kurth, Margaret; Klocker, Carolyn; Chatrychan, Allison (2011-01)
    • Infrared Constraints On Ultraviolet Theories 

      Tsai, Yu-hsin (2012-08-20)
      While our current paradigm of particle physics, the Standard Model (SM), has been extremely successful at explaining experiments, it is theoretically incomplete and must be embedded into a larger framework. In this thesis, ...
    • Infrared video of a warm water surface in the presence and absence of surfactant monolayers 

      Bower, S. M.; Saylor, J. R. (2009-10-19)
      Infrared (IR) videos are presented which show a warm water surface undergoing convective processes. These fluid dynamics videos show the water surface with: 1) no surfactant monolayer material present, 2) a liquid-phase ...
    • An Infrastructure for Open-Architecture Digital Libraries 

      Lagoze, Carl; Payette, Sandra (Cornell University, 1998-06)
      A digital library is a managed collection of digital objects and services that support the storage, discovery, retrieval, and preservation of those objects. We describe an open architecture in which core digital library ...
    • The Infusion of Matrices into Statistics 

      Searle, Shayle R.; Cornell University. Biometrics Unit.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biometrics.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. (1999-03)
    • Ingalls, Clyde Edwin 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1992)
      Memorial Statement for Professor Clyde Edwin Ingalls who died in 1992. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its faculty ...
    • Ingestion of Elemental Mercury Vapor Released from Amalgam Dental Fillings 

      Babina, Arianne; Katchmar, Natalie; Khan, Nadeem (2012-01-18)
    • Inguinal hernia in a dog 

      Buckley, Sara (2013-09-18)
      In this case presentation, surgical repair of an inguinal hernia in an intact female dog is presented. The patient is an intact female Miniature Dachshund of unknown age or history, who presented to a local shelter with a ...
    • The Inherent Cost of Achieving Causal Consistency 

      Critchlow, Carol M. (Cornell University, 1992-05)
      We consider the problem of distinguishing causally-consistent global states in asynchronous distributed systems. Such states are fundamental to asynchronous systems, because they correspond to possible simultaneous global ...
    • The Inherent Cost of Nonblocking Commitment 

      Dwork, Cynthia; Skeen, Dale (Cornell University, 1982-05)
      A commitment protocol orchestrates the execution of a distributed transaction, allowing each participant to "vote" on the transaction and then applying a pre-specified rule to decide the outcome (commit or abort). A ...
    • Inherent Faith and Negotiated Power: Swaminarayan Women in the United States 

      Rudert, Angela (2004-05-11)
      In this thesis, I explore the ways in which women negotiate their own forms of power in the Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS), a branch of Swaminarayan Hinduism. The study draws from research in ...
    • Inheritance and the Risk of Breast Cancer Bibliography 

      Warren, Barbour S. (Cornell University Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors, 2003-12)
      Bibliography on inheritance and the risk of breast cancer. Includes review articles and commentaries, and references on human clinical studies and epidemiologic studies.