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  • Megaesophagus and progressive myopathy in a 5 year old dog 

    Bazzle, Lisa (2010-05-05)
    Megaesophagus is a diffuse or focal esophageal hypomotility disorder attributed to either a myopathy, neuropathy, or junctionopathy with a broad range of potential etiologies. The differential diagnoses are discussed as ...
  • Megavoltage radiation therapy of acanthomatous epulis in a Great Pyrenees dog 

    Cooley, Sarah L. (2004-10-06)
    Zee, a six year old male intact Great Pyrenees dog, was successfully treated with megavoltage radiation therapy for acanthomatous epulis located along the rostral mandible. Acanthomatous epulis is a nonmetastatic oral tumor ...
  • Melatonin in Tart Cherries: Methods of Extraction and Detection 

    Lang, Megan Joy (2008-07-30)
    Melatonin, a powerful antioxidant, offers potential human benefits in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and food science. While best understood in a mammalian system, melatonin has been identified in plants and dietary ...
  • Melchionna, Robert Hastings 

    Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1967)
    Memorial Statement for Professor Robert Hastings Melchionna who died in 1967. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its ...
  • Melodrama And The Secular Subject 

    Majithia, Sheetal (2009-10-14)
    Melodrama and the Secular Subject argues that, if in the West, melodrama emerged as templates of moral virtue and action to cope with the void once occupied by the authority of the Church and Monarchy, in postcolonial and ...
  • 'Melody' Grape 

    Reisch, Bruce; Pool, R.; Watson, James; Robinson, W.; Cottrell, Thomas (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1985)
    'Melody' is a late midseason, white wine grape (Fig. 1) which produces a vinifera-type wine with varietal character. In addition, 'Melody' does not require cluster thinning and is moderately resistant to powdery mildew ...
  • Melting fat: Modeling the Effects of RFAL using Invasix BodyTiteTM system 

    Fung, Ashley; Hua, Kevin; Nadig, Malavika; Wan, Gary (2015-05-19)
    Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) is a recent technique that shows promise compared to traditional procedures in terms of safety, recovery times, and results. Currently, however, there lacks an accurate computational ...
  • Melting the fat away: an analysis of the advertising market for weight-loss products 

    Gong, Jonathan (2007-08-08)
    The rise in the prevalence of overweight and obesity has reached record levels and has gained national attention with respect to public health initiatives. The race to develop a pharmaceutical product that can help ...
  • Meltzer, Leo 

    Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1994)
    Memorial Statement for Professor Leo Meltzer who died in 1994. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its faculty for their ...
  • Membrane and Tension Structures 

    Cheng, Ron-Bin; Gellin, Slade; Gordeiev, Vadym; Guo, Lu; Healy, Tim; Huijben, Frank; Izzuddin, Bassam A.; Lloyd Smith, David; Ogloblya, Oleksandr; Pargana, Julio B.; Shymanovska, Maryna; van Herwijnen, Frans (Internet-First University Press, 2008-05)
    IASS-IACM 2008 Session: Membrane and Tension Structures -- "Realistic modeling of tensioned fabric structures" by Julio B. PARGANA, David LLOYD SMITH, Bassam A. IZZUDDIN (Imperial College London) -- "Vaccumatics: ...
  • Membrane Fouling In Cold Microfiltration Of Skim Milk: Mechanisms And Control 

    Tan, Teng Ju (2014-01-27)
    Microfiltration (MF) can effectively remove microorganisms and somatic cells from milk, increasing the safety and shelf life of milk and dairy products. The main challenge in MF is membrane fouling, which leads to a ...
  • Membrane Organization and Dynamics in Mammalian Sperm 

    Selvaraj, Vimal (2007-12-19)
    In somatic cells, membrane rafts are dynamic, existing in various time and space scales. The transient nature of these membrane microdomains and the use of detergents or multivalent probes/cross-linkers to isolate or ...
  • Membrane Stress Resistance Mechanisms In Bacillus Subtilis 

    Kingston, Anthony (2014-01-27)
    Bacteria exist in environments that can inflict a variety of stresses upon the cell, many of which target the cell membrane. As a result, bacterial survival often depends upon the ability of cells to adjust the cell membrane ...
  • A membranous ventricular septal defect in a six month old mixed breed dog 

    Tichner, Carly (2008-10-01)
    Parker is a 6 month old female intact mixed breed dog who presented to Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA) Cardiology Service on July 9, 2008 with a three month history of a grade 4/6 heart murmur. Parker was ...
  • Memo on Competitive Public Enterprise 

    Shearer, Derek; Cowan, Geoffrey; Adams, Aileen (1976)
  • Memo on Metropolitan Tax-Base Sharing 

    Unknown author (Citizens League, Minneapolis, 1976-01-20)
  • Memoir of the Late Rev. Dr. Medhurst 

    Unknown author (London : Reed and Pardon, 1857)
  • Memorial Service for Frederick G. Marcham (audio) 

    Johnson, Rev. Robert L.; Rhodes, Frank H.T.; Conable, John S.; LaFeber, Walter F.; Marcham, John; Lewis, Rev. Jack (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
    A memorial service for Prof. Marcham at Sage Chapel, Cornell, Jan. 24, 1993. Length: 1:13:51
  • Memorial Sites And The Affective Dynamics Of Historical Experience In Berlin And Tokyo 

    Hofer, Franz (2012-08-20)
    Despite having undergone similar experiences of warfare and facing similar anxieties about the future, Germany and Japan evolved divergent responses to commemorating the Second World War over the course of the postwar ...