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  • Load Balanced FFT Implementations on the Intel iPSC 

    Chu, Clare (Cornell University, 1987-03)
    Two implementations of both the Cooley-Tukey and Gentelman-Sande radix-two FFT algorithms are described where the distribution of computational work among the processors is balanced, i.e. every processor does the same ...
  • Load Balancing Schemes for High-Throughput Distributed Fault-TolerantServers 

    Friedman, Roy; Mosse, Daniel (Cornell University, 1996-12)
    Clusters of workstations, connected by a fast network, are emerging as a viable architecture for building high-throughput fault-tolerant servers. This type of architecture is more scaleable and more cost-effective than a ...
  • A Loaded Question: An Analysis Of The Creation And Content Of Types 

    Merrill, Sarah (2015-01-26)
    The colloquial concept of type is ubiquitous in the public, but vastly understudied by academia. Based on previous work looking at universal and idiosyncratic partner preferences in conjunction with cognitive neuroscience ...
  • Loading Polymer Coated Magnetite Nanoparticles On Nylon 6 Nanomembranes By Three Methods 

    Trejo, Nidia (2015-01-26)
    In this study carboxylic acid coated magnetite nanoparticles (CA-Fe3O4 NPs) were applied to mechanically robust, Nylon 6 nanomembranes by three different techniques; 1) simultaneous electrospraying-electrospinning, 2) ...
  • Loan agreement: 1967 Marg 30 

    Unknown author (Cornell University, 1997-10)
    Loan agreement?. Original currently held by Ghale, Man; Collectors and Copiers: Holmberg, David; Persons who helped Collection: Tamang, Surya Man. Summaries by Holmberg, David; March, Kathryn
  • Loan document: 1972 

    Unknown author (Cornell University, 1997-10)
    Loan document. Original currently held by Ghale, Man; Collectors and Copiers: Holmberg, David; Persons who helped Collection: Tamang, Surya Man. Summaries by Holmberg, David; March, Kathryn
  • Loberg, Harry John 

    Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1965)
    Memorial Statement for Professor Harry John Loberg who died in 1965. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its faculty for ...
  • Lobular dissecting hepatitis in a 17 month old cocker spaniel 

    Artacho, Cecilia Alix (2004-03-03)
    A 17 month old castrated male Cocker Spaniel was evaluated for inflammatory bowel disease, an undefined hepatopathy and gastrointestinal hemorrhage. Preliminary diagnostic testing revealed changes consistent with liver ...
  • Local account of Guru Rhimporochhe's travel 

    Bal, Lama Bunur Dorje (Cornell University, 2005)
    Local account of Guru Rhimporochhe's travel
  • Local Adaptation And The Genetic Basis Of Adaptive Variation In Wild Plants 

    Gould, Billie (2013-05-26)
    The phenomenon of local adaptation is a key player in the evolution of plants, which are shaped by their environments perhaps more than any other organismal group. Botanists have often demonstrated adaptive trait differences ...
  • Local and Linear Convergence of an Algorithm for Solving A Sparse Minimization Problem 

    Marwil, Earl S. (Cornell University, 1977-09)
    For an unconstrained minimization problem with a sparse Hessian, a symmetric version of Schubert's update is given which preserves the sparseness structure defined by the Hessian. At each iteration of the algorithm there ...

    Zinchenko, Yuriy A. (2005-09-15)
    Hyperbolic polynomials and their associated hyperbolicity cones have origins in partial differential equations. Recently, these structures have drawn considerable attention in the optimization community as well. It turns ...
  • Local Convergence Theorems for Quasi-Newton Methods 

    Dennis, John E. Jr.; Walker, Homer F. (Cornell University, 1979-07)
    This paper presents generalizations of the two results which have been useful for analyzing methods of the form $x_{k+1} = x_{k} - B_{k}^{-1}F(x_{k})$. The bounded deterioration theorem of Broyden-Dennis-More is generalized ...
  • Local correlation energies of two-electron atoms and model systems 

    Huang, Chien-Jung; Umrigar, C.J. (Cornell University, 1997-01)
    We present nearly-local definitions of the correlation energy density, and its potential and kinetic components, and evaluate them for several two-electron systems. This information should provide valuable guidance in ...
  • Local Economic Development in Chicago 1983-1987: The Reform Efforts of Mayor Harold Washington 

    Reardon, Kenneth M. (1990-05)
    This research focuses upon the economic development policy-making and planning activities of Chicago's Mayor Harold Washington during his first term in office (1983-1987). This thesis documents the major economic development ...
  • Local Minimum of Tropical Cyclogenesis in the Eastern Caribbean 

    Shieh, Owen (2007-06-27)
    The study has determined that a local, climatological minimum of tropical cyclogenesis exists over the eastern Caribbean Sea. This area, known colloquially by forecasters as the ?hurricane graveyard,? is located within ...
  • The Local Nature of $\Delta$-Coloring and Its Algorithmic Applications 

    Panconesi, Alessandro; Srinivasan, Aravind (Cornell University, 1992-09)
    Given a connected graph $G$ = ($V,E$) with $\mid$V$\mid$ = $n$ and maximum degree $\Delta$ such that $G$ is neither a complete graph nor an odd cycle, Brooks' theorem states that $G$ can be colored with $\Delta$ colors. ...
  • Local Polynomial Regression and Its Applications in Environmental Statistics 

    Ruppert, D. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1996-02)
    This paper published in SIAM Journal on Optimization, 8 (1998) 769-796
  • Local Polynomial Variance Function Estimation 

    Ruppert, D.; Wand, M.P.; Holst, U.; Hossjer, O. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1995-08)
    Local Polynomial Variance Function Estimation
  • Local Women Go To War: Civil War Nurses 1861-1865 

    Kammen, Carol; Knight, Christopher H. (videographer) (Internet-First University Press, 2013-11-14)