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    • Hepatic atrophy and renal amyloidosis in roughtail stingrays (Dasyatis centroura) 

      Fustukjian, Ari (2013-09-11)
      In August of 2012, three adult, female, roughtail stingrays, (Dasyatis centroura), were found in an intake pool at a power plant in central Florida. They had become accidentally entrapped and were subsequently retrieved ...
    • Hepatic Energy Metabolism In Early Lactation Dairy Cows 

      McCarthy, Maris (2015-08-17)
      In the period immediately following calving, feed intake is insufficient to support the high milk production of early lactation, resulting in a state of negative energy balance. This state of negative energy balance results ...
    • Hepatic lipidosis in a 3 year old domestic shorthair 

      Mark, Elisa M. (2009-01-21)
      This is the case of an approximately 3 year old male castrated feline Domestic Shorthair that was diagnosed with hepatic lipidosis. Multiple environmental stress factors had occurred prior to disease onset including a move ...
    • Hepatic lipidosis in a Maine Coon cat 

      Kundu, Mila (2013-11-20)
      Signalment: Nine-year-old, castrated male Maine Coon cat. Chief complaints: vomiting and lethargy. History: Referral for further work-up for elevated cholesterol and liver enzymes, icterus, and lethargy. The patient had a ...
    • Hepatic lipidosis in a Maine coon cat secondary to megacolon 

      Salas, Elisa (2003-10-10)
      A six and one half year old male castrated Maine Coon cat presented to the NYSCVM Emergency Service with a chief complaint of icterus of one day duration. He had a six month history of intermittent constipation, weight ...
    • Hepatoblastoma and erythrocytosis in a Thoroughbred filly 

      Gardiner, David (2006-05-03)
      Hepatoblastoma is the most common primary liver tumor in children resulting in approximately 1 diagnosis per 1 million children less than 15 years of age in Western countries. Some association appears to exist between ...
    • Hepatocellular carcinoma in a thirteen year old miniature Poodle 

      Reyes-Espinosa, Leslie (2010-10-27)
      A thirteen year old, castrated male Miniature Poodle was presented to Cornell University Hospital for Animals for evaluation of a large hepatic mass previously diagnosed via ultrasound. He had a one year history of polyuria, ...
    • Hepatocutaneous syndrome in a West Highland White Terrier 

      Raleigh, Matthew L. (2011-11-30)
      An eight-year-old castrated male West Highland White Terrier was referred to Cornell University Hospital for Animals on May 16th, 2011 with a chief complaint of 2-3 months of lethargy and increased liver enzyme activities ...
    • Hepatopathy in a 25 year old Warmblood stallion 

      Ward, Anne A. (2008-05-07)
      A 25 year old Warmblood stallion presented to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals for acute onset of signs of hepatic failure. No exposure to toxic plants could be confirmed, however a Norway maple was present in ...
    • Heptachlor and Breast Cancer Risk Bibliography 

      Gandhi, Renu (Cornell University Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors, 2003-05)
      Bibliography on the breast cancer risk of the insecticide heptachlor. Includes review articles, studies in humans, levels in breast milk, tissue levels, studies in experimental animals, mutagenicity and toxicity studies, ...
    • Herbal Medicines and Breast Cancer Risk Bibliography 

      Warren, Barbour S. (Cornell University Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors, 2005-01)
      Bibliography on herbal medicines and breast cancer risk. Includes reviews and commentaries, and references on human epidemiologic studies.
    • Herbal Medicines and Breast Cancer Risk Fact Sheet No. 53 

      Warren, Barbour S.; Devine, Carol (Cornell University Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors, 2004-12)
      People have used herbal medicines throughout history and they are currently the most commonly used medicines world-wide. In spite of this, the effectiveness and safety of herbal medicines is less well demonstrated and ...
    • Herbert Tobias Faculty Bio 

      Tobias, Herbert (2015-05-01)
    • Herbivore resistance in inavasive and native Myriophyllum spicatum and Myriophyllum heterophyllum 

      Onion, Alene (2004-07-27)
      Invasive plant species are increasing worldwide and often have significant impacts on local ecosystems. Many attempts have been made to use augmented herbivore populations as a biological control of nuisance populations, ...
    • Herbivore: A Scalable and Efficient Protocol for Anonymous Communication 

      Goel, Sharad; Robson, Mark; Polte, Milo; Sirer, Emin (Cornell University, 2003-01-28)
      Anonymity is increasingly important for networked applications amidst concerns over censorship and privacy. In this paper, we describe Herbivore, a peer-to-peer, scalable, tamper-resilient communication system that provides ...
    • Herd outbreak of bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) : clinically affected cows due to a lack of biosecurity? 

      Marvin, Jennifer A. (2005-10-05)
      The Mugglins operate a small dairy in central New York with all their animals housed in a single tie stall barn. Multiple animals in the barn, from calves to cows, were affected with varying degrees of respiratory signs ...
    • Heritage Education For School-Aged Children: An Analysis Of Programs In Salem, Massachusetts 

      Giacomarra, Emily (2015-01-26)
      Heritage education uses local resources and the built environment to teach students concepts and skills in the arts, humanities, sciences, and math. This can be manifest in interdisciplinary programs that would seem ideal ...
    • Heritage Project Video 2006 

      Martin, Peter W. (Cornell Law School, 2006-06)
      From the video archives of the Cornell Law School Heritage Project. This video highlighting the distinctive qualities of the Cornell Law School and tracing its history was compiled from the Heritage Project video archives. ...
    • Herman, Francine April 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 2008)
      Memorial Statement for Professor Francine April Herman who died in 2008. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its faculty ...
    • Herman, the Buck-Toothed Arabian Guppy 

      Gilderman, Amy; Chadde, Joan (2008-01-31)
      Part of the Grab and Go With Science series, in this activity, youth will use chromatography to analyze the components of different pollutants. Youth will observe how different ingredients in a mixture are carried along ...