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    • Festac 77 - Lagos Festival 

      Gaunt, Philip (UNESCO, Nigerian National Broadcasting Commission,, 1977-09)
      Impressions of the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (Festac 77)". Festac 77 was held in Lagos in September 1977. It was co-organized by the Government of Nigeria and UNESCO and it represented the ...
    • Feuer, Reeshon 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1997)
      Memorial Statement for Professor Reeshon Feuer who died in 1997. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its faculty for ...
    • Fever of unknown origin in a 14 year old Paint : a focus on the diagnostic approach and major differential diagnoses 

      Fissekis, Stephanie (2010-10-13)
      ever of unknown origin is caused by infection in 43% of cases, neoplasia in 22%, immune-mediated diseases in 6.5%, and unknown etiology in 9.5%1. A 14 year old Paint gelding presented to Cornell’s Equine Hospital with a ...
    • Fever of unknown origin in a geriatric cat 

      Sarvis, Brieana K. (2010-02-03)
      An 11 year old, indoor/outdoor, spayed female domestic shorthair feline, presented to the Cornell Internal Medicine Service for fever, weight loss, lethargy, and inappetence of a two week history. She had been initially ...
    • Fevers, seizures, and death in neonatal Holstein calves 

      Whitworth, Jocelyn Marie (2013-03-13)
      Over several months, a dairy farm experienced high neonatal mortality in Holstein calves. Calves under 2 weeks of age developed signs including inappetance, diarrhea, neurologic disturbance, temperatures between 105 degrees ...
    • A Few Facts About the Station and its Work 

      New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1925-07-01)
      Description of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York, including history, current work, progress with fruit varieties, bacteriology, pest & disease control. Discusses station facilities, ...

      Shyu, Ching-mei (2007-11-12)
      This dissertation explores one of the Chinese jataka collections, the Liu du ji jing (A Scripture on the Collection of the Six Perfections) from literary, artistic, and gender perspectives. When I compare the features of ...
    • Few-Photon Nonlinear Optics In Photonic Bandgap Fibers 

      Venkataraman, Vivek (2012-08-20)
      The ability to control light with light at ultralow powers has been a major avenue of research in photonics with applications to optical communications, computation, and signal processing. Such light-by-light scattering ...
    • FFA: The 3 Circle Model 

      Boyes, Hauk; Millspaugh, Sara (2015)
      FFA: The Three Circle Model. This promotional video is to explain how classroom education, supervised agricultural experiences and FFA leadership can help sustain the world's agriculture needs by developing the future ag ...
    • Fiber Digestibility: New Ways to Measure and Why It Is Important 

      Overton, Thomas (2017-01-31)
      This presentation was given during the 2017 Winter Forage Meetings, organized by Cornell University PRO-DAIRY
    • Fiber Facts 

      Kozen, Frances (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1999)
      This information bulletin explains the unique properties of all the common fibers on the market today, Acetate and Triacetate, Acrylic and Modacrylic, Cotton, Linen, Ramie, Hemp, Lyocell, Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Rayon, ...
    • A fibrillin 2 mutation associated with canine hip dysplasia 

      Friedenberg, Steven (2009-02-11)
      Hip joint laxity, instability, and osteoarthritis are features of developmental dysplasia of the canine hip. Previous genetic mapping narrowed a quantitative trait locus to18.5-21 cM (95% posterior probability interval) ...
    • Fibrinous pericarditis in a 5 year old Suffolk Punch mare 

      Fish, Liz (2007-09-19)
      A 5 year old 9 month pregnant Suffolk Punch mare presented for mild colic and fever of unknown origin. The mare was diagnosed with fibrinous pericarditis and severe secondary pre-renal azotemia. The mare was managed medically ...
    • Field Bean Seed Certification Standards 

      New York Certified Seed Growers' Cooperative, Inc.; New York State College of Agriculture; New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets; New York State Experiment Station (Geneva) (1951)
      This document contains a description of the application and amplification of general certification standards, land requirements, field inspection, field standards and seed standards.
    • Field Crop and Vegetable IPM TAg Teams for Amish in SWNY 

      Sprague, D.; Petzen, J. (New York State IPM Program, 2006)
      Tactical Agriculture Teams (TAg) are learning groups consisting of growers, agri-business personnel and extension field staff who meet over the course of the season to share information about Integrated Pest Management ...
    • Field Data from Cornell’s Teaching and Research Farm 

      Barclay, Janet Rice (2013-10-03)
      This data set contains field data from the Cornell Teaching and Research Farm in Harford, NY during the period of April 25, 2012 to November 27, 2012. Locations.csv describes the well / field point / stream locations. ...
    • Field Guides Made Easy 

      Phillips, Diane Held; Krasny, Marianne E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1991-06)
      What to look for and how, in identifying characteristics of birds, trees, mammals, and others.
    • Field Measurements of Bulk Flow and Transport through a Small Coastal Embayment Having Variable Distributions of Aquatic Vegetation 

      King, Alexandra (2006-08-04)
      This thesis is largely the documentation of two passive tracer release studies performed in Sterling Pond (SP), a small embayment on the southern coast of Lake Ontario (LO). SP has a large watershed and is strongly connected ...
    • Field of Education, 1972-73 

      Cornell University (Cornell University, 1972)