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  • Graph Rigidity 

    Cole, Richard (Cornell University, 1982-08)
    The relationship between graph isomorphism and graph rigidity is studied. Although in general it is not known if these problems are equivalent under polynomial time Turing reductions, equivalence is shown for a subclass ...
  • A Graph Theoretic Approach To Food Combination Problems 

    Nestrud, Michael (2011-05-31)
    Graph theory provides a useful representation of, and mathematical toolkit for, analyzing how things are connected together. This collection of research investigates the use of graph theory as a representation of how foods ...
  • A Graph-Based Approach towards Discerning Inherent Structures in a Digital Library of Formal Mathematics 

    Lorigo, Lori; Kleinberg, Jon; Eaton, Richard; Constable, Robert (Cornell University, 2006-01-30)
    As the amount of online formal mathematical content grows, for example through active efforts such as the Mathweb [21], MOWGLI [4], Formal Digital Library, or FDL [1], and others, it becomes increasingly valuable to find ...
  • Graph-Based Learning From Large Image Collections 

    Cao, Song (2015-05-24)
    With the explosion of online images, it has been increasingly interesting for computer vision researchers to model large collections of images using machine learning techniques. Images, or observations by cameras in the ...
  • A Graph-Theoretic Approach To Network Coding 

    Blasiak, Anna (2013-08-19)
    The network coding problem is a generalization of the maximum flow problem in which nodes can, in addition to forwarding messages, send encodings of combinations of incoming packets. This problem addresses the transmission ...
  • Graphene Channel Field Effect Transistors For Biosensing Applications 

    Kakatkar, Aniket (2014-05-25)
    Bio-sensing and analysis is an important step in the lab-on-a-chip paradigm. We develop high-throughput, multi-channel, large area graphene channel field effect transistors with enhanced sensitivity for biomolecule detection ...
  • Graphic Greedoids and their Duals 

    Yan, Jiyi (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1985-02)
    Graphic Greedoids and their Duals
  • A Graphical Interface for CHIP 

    Alvisi, Lorenzo; Schneider, Fred B. (Cornell University, 1996-06)
    CHIP (Cornell Hypothetical Instructional Processor) [BBDS83] is a computer system designed as an educational tool for teaching undergraduate courses in operating system and machine architecture. This document describes ...
  • Graphical methods for the Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiments 

    Barton, R.; Schruben, L. W. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1990-01)
    Graphical methods for the Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiments
  • Graphical Multi-Task Learning 

    Sheldon, Daniel (2008-10-31)
    We investigate the problem of learning multiple tasks that are related according to a network structure, using the multi-task kernel framework proposed by Evgeniou, Micchelli and Pontil. Our method combines a graphical ...
  • Graphical tools for experiment design: a brief survey 

    Barton, R. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1990-04)
    This paper is published in the "SIAM Journal on Optimization" 2 (1992) 198-209
  • A Graphical, Language-Based Editor for Generic Solid Models Represented by Constraints. 

    Barford, Lee Alton (Cornell University, 1987-03)
    A solid model is a representation of the space occupied by a rigid object. A generic solid (or "generic") expresses the solid models for a class of similar objects, or equivalently, a non-rigid object. Automated manufacturing ...
  • Graphics Conservation Laboratory (Web Page) 

    Petukhova, Tatyana (2009-06-30)
    This web page describes the activities of the Graphics Conservation Laboratory (1987-2009) at Cornell University Library. The laboratory provided conservation and teaching services to Cornell University for over twenty two ...
  • Graphs Of Free Groups And Their Measure Equivalence. 

    Alonso, Juan (2012-08-20)
    This work concerns the Geometric Group Theory of an interesting class of groups that can be obtained as graphs of free groups. These groups are called Quadratic Baumslag-Solitar groups, and are defined by graphs of groups ...
  • Graphs with K-Balanced Closed Neighborhood Matrices 

    Chang, G.; Nemhauser, G. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1983-06)
    Graphs with K-Balanced Closed Neighborhood Matrices
  • Grass Biomass: A Biofuel Strategy Right for Upstate New York 

    Koenig, Chris; Wellemeyer, Jonathan (2009-12-24)
    Given the steady increase in gas utility rates, it’s becoming more and more desirable for homeowners to seek out energy alternatives for home heating in upstate New York. In this brief we discuss why large-scale liquid ...
  • Grass injector provides a manure management option 

    Fields, Lisa (DairyBusiness East, 2015-01)
    Injection reduces phosphorus runoff risk and ammonia emission.
  • The Grass is Never Greener on the Other Side 

    McCandless, Linda (2000-04-20)
  • Grassroots library advocacy : a special report 

    Comito, Lauren; Geraci, Aliqae; Zabriskie, Christian (American Library Association, 2012)
    Library issues are community issues—it’s not enough to simply marshal internal library resources to fight cutbacks. When properly harnessed, public engagement can be the most powerful force of all for library advocacy. But ...
  • Grating-Pair Chirped Pulse Amplification System For A Low Power Femto-Second Pulse Source 

    Sharma, Ishan (2011-08-31)
    A grating-pair Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) system is simulated and built with the goal to amplify a 535 fs sech2 intensity pulse with a pulse energy of 3.36 pJ to a final output pulse of 400 fs width and 30 nJ of ...