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    • Essays On Banking 

      Zhang, Yu (2012-05-27)
      Diamond and Dybvig (1983) provide an analytical framework of modern banking: The key role of banks is to provide risk sharing between different types of consumers, and the mismatch of short-term liabilities and long-term ...
    • Essays On Banking And Financial Stability 

      Das, Sonali (2012-08-20)
      Financial crises have occurred repeatedly throughout history in both high and middle-to-low income countries. This dissertation studies how the interactions of financial market participants affect financial stability. In ...
    • Essays On Carbon Abatement And Electricity Markets 

      Taber, John (2012-08-20)
      In the first chapter of this dissertation, I study the effects of a number of policies which affect the electric grid using the SuperOPF, a full AC optimization/simulation framework with optimal investment developed at ...
    • Essays On Career Dynamics Inside Organizations 

      Jin, Xin (2014-08-18)
      This dissertation focuses on the theoretical and empirical analysis of individuals' career and wage dynamics inside firms. It addresses three areas of interests in this field: human capital accumulation, signaling, and ...
    • Essays On Ceo Inside Debt 

      Cen, Wei (2011-05-29)
      Executive defined benefit pensions and deferred compensation are known as "inside debt". The reason is that their values depend on the ability of the firm to make future payments to its participant employees. Such plans ...
    • Essays On Consumption Risk-Sharing In Emerging Economies 

      Malik, Samreen (2012-08-20)
      This dissertation contributes to the growing literature of international finance on capital market integration and consumption risk sharing in emerging economies. I identify threshold effects in terms of financial market ...
    • Essays On Customer Relationship Management In Social Networks 

      Zhao, Ping (2014-01-27)
      The past decade has witnessed an explosive growth of social media. It has never been so easy for customers to connect and interact with each other within various forms of social networks. This trend provides companies with ...
    • Essays On Earnings Guidance 

      Yang, Ihwa (2010-08-05)
      The first chapter of this dissertation examines the association between guidance frequency, guidance properties, and market reactions. The results suggest that the characteristics and market responses to guidance issued ...
    • Essays on Econometric Models of Relative Prices 

      Norman, Stephen (2005-09-21)
      The first chapter addresses the degree to which models which exhibit nonlinear mean reversion, such as the smooth transition autoregressive model, present a resolution to the purchasing power parity puzzle (see Rogoff, ...
    • Essays On Economic Decision Making 

      Ozbek, Mahmut Kemal (2014-01-27)
      This dissertation consists of three chapters with the common ground of economic decision making, a subject which is at the heart of Economics. In the first chapter, entitled "Decision Making with Rational Inattention", I ...
    • Essays On Education And The Family 

      McGavock, Tamara (2016-08-22)
    • Essays On Employee Turnover 

      Peterson, Jonathan (2011-01-31)
      This dissertation is a collection of theoretical works discussing the relationship between various human resource policies and employee retention. I build my models on a turnover mechanism motivated by workers'private ...
    • Essays On Entrepreneurial Risk Preferences And Career Choices 

      Kher, Romi (2014-08-18)
      This dissertation explores risk preferences and career choice decisions amongst undergraduates and specifically addresses startup challenges facing students and universities. The first paper hypothesizes that undergraduate ...
    • Essays On Family Demography, Household Finance, And Economics Of The Family 

      Addo, Fenaba (2012-08-20)
      This dissertation examines the intersection of financial resources, family demography and economic wellbeing of American households at transitional periods in the life course. Changes in union formation, the demographic ...
    • Essays On Financial Frictions And Business Cycles 

      Wang, Yankun (2011-08-31)
      In this dissertation I explore the relationship between the frictions in a country's financial market and its business cycle movements. It is well known that the financial market is far from perfect, and shocks originating ...
    • Essays On Financial Market Design 

      Bhattacharya, Ayan (2016-08-22)
    • Essays On Firms Behaviors And Efficiencies 

      Huang, Hao (2010-04-09)
      In Chapter 1, we study the relationship between the target value creation and acquirer corporate governance measures. We show that, based on the 2-day, 5-day and 10day announcement windows, the targets acquired by companies ...
    • "Essays On Fiscal Policy And The Narrative Approach" 

      Guerreiro Lopes, Jose (2016-05-29)