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    • Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in Consensus Protocols 

      Song, YeeJiun; van Renesse, Robbert; Schneider, Fred B.; Dolev, Danny (Cornell University, 2007-05-29)
      Consensus is an important building block for building replicated systems, and many consensus protocols have been proposed. In this paper, we show that many consensus protocols can be derived from the same simple genes. We ...
    • Evolution, Structure, And Function Of Phenoloxidase In The Pea Aphid Acyrthosiphon Pisum 

      Van Fleet, Eric (2012-01-31)
      Phenoloxidases (monophenol monooxygenase, EC; catechol oxidase, EC are a group of enzymes with copper cofactors that produce reactive quinones and are part of the melanin synthesis pathway, both of which ...
    • The Evolutionary And Clinical Significance Of Regulatory And Mitochondrial Genetic Variants 

      Ye, Kaixiong (2015-01-26)
      Genetic adaptations to local environment during evolution shaped the human genome. Identifying evolutionarily important genetic variants is clinically significant because the mismatch between our slow-evolving genome and ...
    • Evolutionary And Ecological Consequences Of Natural Selection By Herbivores On Solidago Spp. 

      Bode, Robert (2011-08-31)
      Herbivory has been shown to be a selective agent on plant secondary chemistry, and has been hypothesized to limit plant growth in an evolutionary sense by selecting for plants that allocate resources into defense at a cost ...
    • Evolutionary And Functional Analysis Of The Drosophila Bag Of Marbles Gene 

      Flores, Heather (2013-01-28)
      Reproduction is fundamentally important for organismal fitness. While it is critical that each step in reproduction proceed correctly, many of the genes that regulate these processes are adaptively evolving in response to ...
    • Evolutionary And Functional Neurobiology Of Birdsong 

      Moore, Jordan (2010-04-09)
      Birdsong is a complex, learned vocal communication signal that functions in reproduction. Many aspects of the neural mechanisms underlying this behavior remain unknown, with respect to both song production and perception. ...
    • Evolutionary Genetics Of The Innate Immune System In Drosophila 

      Hill-Burns, Erin (2009-10-13)
      The innate immune system has drawn interest with its deep evolutionary conservation and importance in response to infection both in invertebrates, providing the only reaction to invading microbes, and as a generalized first ...
    • Evolutionary Genetics of the Innate Immune System in the Genus Drosophila 

      Sackton, Timothy (2008-06-02)
      Host-parasite interactions are ubiquitous in nature: all organisms, from bacteria to humans, must defend themselves against parasites and pathogens that seek to use them as a substrate for growth, reproduction, and survival. ...
    • Evolutionary Stability Of Fungal-Bacterial Endosymbioses 

      Mondo, Stephen (2013-08-19)
      Many eukaryotes interact with heritable endobacteria to satisfy diverse metabolic needs. Of the characterized fungal-bacterial symbioses, endobacterial associations with the Gigasporaceae (Glomeromycota) and Rhizopus ...

      Mueller, Jacob (National Academy of Sciences, 2004-09-14)
      During mating, Drosophila melanogaster males transfer accessory gland proteins (Acps) in the seminal fluid, along with sperm, to their mates. Acps mediate behavioral and physiological changes in mated females. These ...
    • The Evolving Langauge of Diversity 

      Castania, Kathy (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2003-12)
      Language used to define people and groups can be used to express bias and prejudice or be used as a tool for empowerment. Most people prefer to use the most respectful terms, but even the most well intentioned can unconsciously ...
    • Ewing, James 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1943)
      Memorial Statement for Professor James Ewing who died in 1943. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its faculty for their ...
    • Ex Vivo Maintenance of Heart Viability: Comparison of Two Methods 

      Bridgen, Devin; Hagens, John; Brink, Rob; Gregg, Peter; Aridgides, Dan; Faghri, Ali (2006-05-24)
      Currently established methods of tissue preservation for heart transplantation involve placing the harvested donor heart in a cold, nutrient-rich cardioplegic solution. Clinically, methods like these have only been shown ...

      Waldman, Kurt (2008-10-17)
      Policy makers and practitioners in Afghanistan tend to favor interventions promoting high value agricultural activities, including dairy production. Given the lack of available research and data in the country, the impact ...
    • Ex-dividend Stock Price Behavior and Arbitrage Opportunities 

      Heath, D.; Jarrow, R. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1985-03)
      Ex-dividend Stock Price Behavior and Arbitrage Opportunities
    • Ex-Vivo Chemotherapeutic Drug Treatment of Human Tumor Spheroids 

      Herynk, Brad; Liu, Vivian; Sabhaz, Jasmin; Starchenko, Alina (2010-05-21)
      Drug testing of microspheroid tumors ex-vivo has proven to mimic micrometastases in the bloodstream of cancer patients1. More recently, cancer treatment has turned to developing individual drug regimens that target specific ...
    • Exact Analysis of a Lost Sales Model under Stuttering Poisson Demand 

      Chen, Jie; Jackson, Peter L.; Muckstadt, John A. (2009-07-15)
      We investigate the (S-1,S) inventory policy under stuttering Poisson demand and generally distributed lead time when the excess demand is lost. We correct results presented in Feeney and Sherbrooke's seminal paper (1966). ...
    • An Exact Analysis of a Production-Inventory Stretegy for Industrial Suppliers 

      Carr, S.; Gullu, R.; Jackson, P.; Muckstadt, J. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1993-03)
      This paper published in "Queueing Systems" 15 (1994), 309-324
    • Exact Calculations for Sequential t, x^2, and F Tests 

      Jennison, C.; Turnbull, B. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1990-01)
      Exact Calculations for Sequential t, x^2, and F Tests
    • Exact Counting is as Easy as Approximate Counting 

      Cai, Jin-yi; Hemachandra, Lane A. (Cornell University, 1986-06)
      We show that exact counting and approximate counting are polynomially equivalent. That is $P^{#P} = P^{Approx#P}$, where #$P$ is a function that computes the number of solutions to a given Boolean formula $f$ (denoted ...