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  • A Fairer House Than Prose: Verse And Its Others In American Poetry, 1850-1950 

    Hicks, John (2012-05-27)
    A Fairer House than Prose: Verse and Its Others in American Poetry, 1850- 1950 traces the shifting meanings of the seemingly self-evident terms verse and prose, and argues that nineteenth- and twentieth-century American ...
  • Fairness, Reciprocity And Informal Familial Lending In Rural China And India 

    Li, Feifei (2015-01-26)
    Few studies have researched on informal lending among close acquaintances in rural areas of developing countries, even though it is constitutes a substantial part of informal lending and borrowing. In the literature, risk ...
  • Fales, David Baxter 

    Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1974)
    Memorial Statement for Professor David Baxter Fales who died in 1974. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its faculty ...
  • Fall 2009 Human Development Brown Bag Colloquia 

    Unknown author (2010-03-08)
  • Fall Coffee 2013 

    Unknown author (2013-09)
  • Fall Coffee poster 

    CHEER Team (2010-09)
  • Fall Coffee poster 

    CHEER Team (2011-09)
  • Fall Coffee poster 

    CHEER Team (2009-09)
  • Fall Webworm 

    Klass, Carolyn (Dept. of Entomology, Cornell University, 2010-01-08)
    A 2 page overview of fall webworm life history and management information for New York State residents.
  • 'The Fall" (Translation of Adonis, 'al-Suqut') 

    Toorawa, Shawkat (2007)
    A translation of Adonis’ poem, 'al-Suqut'
  • Falling Flexible Sheets 

    Alben, Silas (2010-08-04)
    We present a fluid dynamics video showing simulations of flexible bodies falling in an inviscid fluid. Vortex sheets are shed from the trailing edges of the bodies according to the Kutta condition. The basic behavior is ...
  • Falling From the Metadata Edge 

    Hillmann, Diane I. (Trozzolo Creative Enterprises, Inc., 2007-01)
  • Falling Jets of Particles in Viscous Fluids 

    Pignatel, Florent; Nicolas, Maxime; Guazzelli, Elisabeth; Saintillan, David (2008-10-09)
    Falling jets of particles at low Reynolds number in viscous fluids exhibit instabilities. This fluid dynamics video shows experiments and numerical simulations of this phenomenon.
  • False Memory, Emotion And Self 

    Yang, Yi (2010-10-20)
    Do emotional valence and arousal increase semantic false recognition, orthographical false recognition, and suggestibility? Does emotion of memory targets have different effects than emotion of retrieval contexts? How, at ...
  • False Recall in Manipulations of the DRM Paradigm 

    Boymel, Libby (2007-06-04)
    This study was conducted using the DRM paradigm to try to further comprehend false recall positioning. The objective of this study was twofold: to demonstrate that gist, verbatim, and gist + verbatim instructions can alter ...
  • Familiarity Breeds Contempt: Strategies Of Economic Reform And Popular Attitudes Toward European Integration In Lithuania And Estonia 

    Lust, Aleksander (2010-08-05)
    In referenda held in 2003, more than ninety percent of Lithuanians supported joining the European Union (EU), while fewer than two-thirds of Estonians did so. Why? The small existing literature on cross-national differences ...
  • Families Of Dynamical Systems Associated To Translation Surfaces 

    Lindsey, Kathryn (2014-08-18)
    Dynamical systems associated to translation surfaces naturally arise in families equipped with a topological structure. How is the topological structure on the family related to the dynamical properties of the individual ...
  • Family Activities & Children's Schoolwork 

    Maxwell, Lorraine E. (2000)
    This wonderful set of activity cards will help you transform everyday activities into learning and practice opportunities for children who are already bursting with enthusiasm to learn and to contribute to their family. ...
  • Family Apart: The Aesthetic Genealogy Of Korean War Memories 

    Yi, We Jung (2013-08-19)
    This dissertation examines the formation of national subjectivity in South Korea through an analysis of what I call "Korean War memory works." Countering the selective remembering and forgetting of the unfinished war at ...
  • Family Business: An Oral History of Farm Resource Management 

    Colman, Gould P. (Cornell University, 2014-05)
    This book is based upon recorded conversations began in 1966 and continued until 1983 with farm people tracing decisions and outcomes—from initial idea to implementation—in a business they owned and operated. “Oral history” ...