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    • Definability with Bounded Number of Bound Variables 

      Immerman, Neil; Kozen, Dexter (Cornell University, 1987-03)
      A theory satisfies the $k$-variable-property if every first-order formula is equivalent to a formula with at most $k$ bound variables (possibly reused). Gabbay has shown that a fixed time structure satisfies the $k$-variable ...
    • Defining and Assessing Workforce Fragility in Boston 

      Bharadwaj, Shubha; Guo, Gavin; Latkar, Ameya; Li, Yangtian; Moretz, Derek; Tracy, Rob (2016-05)
      According to recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment levels in the United States are nearing 5.0%, and US economy seems to have recovered from the Great Recession. The City of Boston, in particular, ...
    • Defining and Enforcing Privacy in Data Sharing 

      Machanavajjhala, Ashwin Kumar VenkataNaga (2008-07-31)
      Recent advances in processing and storing information has led to an explosion of data collection. Many organizations like the Census, hospitals and even search engine companies collect, analyze and distribute personal ...
    • Defining and Manipulating Symbolic Bit Flags in Assembly Language 

      Wilcox, Thomas R. (Cornell University, 1975-04)
    • Defining Hydrologic Response Units to Account for Variable Source Area Hydrology in SWAT 

      Siade, Adam (Internet-First University Press, 2005-08-03)
      This is a poster presentation concerning research into the anthropogenic influences on the water quality of a watershed. It was presented by Adam Saide of Humboldt State University.
    • Defining Liveness 

      Alpern, Bowen; Schneider, Fred B. (Cornell University, 1985-10)
      A formal definition for liveness properties is proposed. It is argued that this definition captures the intuition that liveness properties stipulate that "something good" eventually happens during execution. A topological ...
    • Defining music 

      Randel, Don Michael (1986-02-19)
      Randel explains how musicologists define Western art music and mentions some of the problems scholars have with music definition.
    • Defining the Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Transport of CPV Capsids in Cells 

      Tan, Min Jie Alvin (2007-06-29)
      Canine parvovirus (CPV) is a non-enveloped virus that replicates in the nucleus during infection. While it is known that it uses the cell?s microtubule network to traverse the cytoplasm, the route of nuclear entry is ...
    • Defining the Librarian's Role in VIVO 

      Albert, Paul J.; Cuddy, Colleen (2012-05-18)
      Objectives VIVO is an open source semantic web application that enables the discovery of research through interlinked profiles of people and other research-related information.  Librarians play invaluable roles in ...
    • Defining the Nature of a Digital Conservancy: How diverse collections and systems shape a unified digital repository program 

      Herold, Philip (2006)
      The institutional repository (IR) is fast being embraced as a necessary service of the academic library. Most often, the IR is implemented as an isolated software system and by definition it contains a limited range of ...
    • The Definition of $\mu$PRL 

      Bates, Joseph L.; Constable, Robert L. (Cornell University, 1982-10)
    • The Definition of Numerical Analysis 

      Trefethen, Lloyd N. (Cornell University, 1992-09)
      This is a brief essay discussing perceptions and misperceptions of numerical analysis. A common misperception is that numerical analysis is the study of rounding errors. Even numerical analysts have been misled by this view.
    • Deflationary Metaphysics 

      Rowe, Eric (2015-08-17)
      This dissertation consists of three papers on a handful of related metaphysical and metametaphysical topics. The first examines the connection between analyticity and ontology. Some hold that we can trivially resolve ...
    • Deflection and Contact Characteristics of a Power Tiller Tyre 

      Kumar, P.; Dewangan, K. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2004-01)
      This is a paper from International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR, Commission Internationale du Genie Rural) E-Journal Volume 6 (2004): P. Kumar and K. Dewangan. Deflection and Contact Characteristics of a ...
    • Deformable Media for Visual and Tactile Interfaces 

      Larson, Chris (2017-05-30)
      We experience a variety of natural touch surfaces in our daily lives. These surfaces range in compliance from hard to soft, and in texture from smooth to rough. Human computer interfaces, on the other hand, have largely ...
    • Deformation Across The Seismic Cycle In Tectonically Active Regions: Imaging, Modeling, And Interpretations 

      Barnhart, William (2013-05-26)
      I mages of surface displacements in response to tectonic forces can provide independent, spatially dense observations that assist in understanding sub-surface processes. When considered independently or augmented with more ...
    • Defusing Arguments and Disagreements 

      Grusenmeyer, David (2000-01-01)
    • Degradable Plastics Update 

      Harrison, Ellen Z. (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2006)
    • Degradation Of Emerging Contaminants By Fe- And Mn- Based Oxidation Methods In Aqueous Solution 

      Xiao, Xiao (2012-08-20)
      Presence of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in the environment is of growing concern due to their potential ecological impacts and constant release. Conventional treatment plants are inefficient ...
    • Degradation Of Selected Organic Agrochemicals In Artificial Soil Slurry Systems By Anodic Fenton Treatment 

      Ye, Peng (2009-05-22)
      This thesis investigated the application of anodic Fenton treatment to the degradation of several probe agrochemicals in model soil slurry systems. A kinetic model, called the slurry AFT model, was developed to describe ...