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    • Dynamic Resource Management For Systems With Controllable Service Capacity 

      Kumar, Ravi (2015-08-17)
      The rise in the Internet traffic volumes has led to a growing interest in reducing energy costs of IT infrastructure. Resource management policies for such systems, known as power aware policies, are becoming increasingly ...
    • A Dynamic Response Surface Model for Frequency Domain Simulation Experiments 

      Schruben, L.; Heath, D.; Buss, A. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1988-06)
      A Dynamic Response Surface Model for Frequency Domain Simulation Experiments
    • Dynamic Security Labels and Noninterference 

      Zheng, Lantian; Myers, Andrew C. (Cornell University, 2004-01-23)
      This paper explores information flow control in systems in which the security classes of data can vary dynamically. Information flow policies provide the means to express strong security requirements for data confidentiality ...

      Preble, Stefan (2007-06-05)
      This dissertation is driven by a vision to continue improvements in system functionality by alleviating bottlenecks in interconnects and enabling the processing of large amounts of information on a chip. Light was the key ...
    • Dynamic Silicon Nanophotonic Devices For On-Chip Optical Interconnects 

      Lira, Hugo (2012-01-31)
      Silicon nanophotonics is one of the most promising candidates to keep the steady increase of computational power we have been used to for the last decades. Its most appealing feature is the amount of data it can deliver, ...
    • Dynamic Simulation of Non-Penetrating Rigid Bodies 

      Baraff, David (Cornell University, 1992-03)
      This thesis examines the problems and difficulties in the forward dynamic simulation of rigid bodies subject to non-penetration constraints. By adopting a simple but well-defined model of rigid body dynamics, we are able ...
    • Dynamic Simulation Of Nonlinear Hybrid Rigid-Object Systems With Intermittent Non-Holonomic Constraints: In Search Of Stable Passive Hopping 

      Stiesberg, Gregory (2016-02-01)
      A methodology is outlined for derivation of equations of motion and development of arbitrarily accurate numerical simulations of nonlinear hybrid rigid-object systems with intermittent non-holonomic constraints. Some ...
    • A Dynamic Solution for Electronic Records: The National Archives and Records Administration's Electronic Records Archives 

      Thibodeau, Kenneth (2006-10-27)
      After a year long design competition, in September 2005 the National Archives and Records Administration awarded to Lockheed Martin Corporation a contract valued at $308 million to develop and operate the Electronic Records ...
    • Dynamic States in Cellular Flames 

      Gorman, Michael (2009-10-08)
      Dynamic States in Cellular Flames, Michael Gorman, University of Houston. A premixed flame on a circular porous plug burner appears a thin (0.5 mm) luminous disk. Premixed flames are distinctive as a dynamical system ...
    • Dynamic Virtual Private Networks 

      Rodeh, Ohad Birman, Ken Hayden, Mark Dolev, Danny (Cornell University, 1998-08)
      We extend traditional Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with fault-tolerance and dynamic membership properties, defining a Dynamic Virtual Private Network (DVPN). We require no new hardware and make no special assumptions ...
    • Dynamical Automata 

      Tabor, Whitney (Cornell University, 1998-07)
      The recent work on automata whose variables and parameters are real numbers (e.g., Blum, Shub, and Smale, 1989; Koiran, 1993; Bournez and Cosnard, 1996; Siegelmann, 1996; Moore, 1996) has focused largely on questions about ...
    • Dynamical Diffraction As An Angular Slit Optical Element 

      Garg, Rohit (2016-05-29)
      X-rays have wavelengths comparable to typical interatomic spacings, which makes them useful for probing the structure of matter on atomic length scales via diffraction. Upcoming developments in x-ray sources and optics ...
    • Dynamical Models of Ecosystems and Epidemics 

      Levin, S. A.; Moloney, Kirk; Buttel, Linda; Castillo-Chavez, Carlos; Cornell University. Biometrics Unit.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biometrics.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. (1989-02)
    • Dynamical Results of Discrete Pioneer and Climax Species Models 

      Izquierdo-Sabido, Agustin; Martinez-Trigo, Carmen; Muktoyuk, Mark S. K.; Yakabu, Abdul-Aziz; Cornell University. Biometrics Unit.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biometrics.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. (1998-07)
    • Dynamical Tides And Oscillations In Star And Planetary Systems 

      Fuller, James (2014-01-27)
      I investigate tidal interactions and global oscillations in various types of stellar and planetary systems, with a focus on dynamical tidal effects. Dynamical tides arise from the excitation of non-hydrostatic waves within ...
    • Dynamically forced cells of a viscoelastic fluid over an array of rollers 

      Liu, Bin; Zhang, Jun; Shelley, Michael (2009-10-17)
      Our fluid dynamics video shows the response of a layer of viscoelastic fluid to an array of four-roll mills steadily rotating underneath. When the relaxation time of the fluid is sufficiently long, the fluid divides into ...
    • Dynamics And Consequences Of Debris From The Irregular Satellites Of The Giant Planets 

      Tamayo, Daniel (2015-01-26)
      Each of the solar system's giant planets host a large population of irregular satellites, small moons on distant orbits that were gravitationally captured early in the solar system's history. Because of the frequent ...
    • The Dynamics And Control Of Flux-Pinned Space Systems: Theory And Experiment 

      Jones, Laura (2012-08-20)
      Advanced space systems are increasingly reliant on close-proximity operations to achieve complex mission objectives on orbit. These maneuvers - such as docking and rendezvous, formation flying, and on-orbit assembly, refit, ...
    • Dynamics And Control Of Gyroscopically Actuated Space-Robotic Systems 

      Carpenter, Michele Deanne (2009-05-22)
      Control-moment gyroscopes (CMGs) are power-efficient, internal momentum actuators that produce high torque for the attitude control of spacecraft. CMGs are proposed for actuating joint degrees of freedom in a spacecraft-mounted, ...
    • Dynamics and Origin of the Irregular Satellites of the Giant Planets 

      Cuk, Matija (2004-12-01)
      Although analytical studies on the secular motion of the irregular satellites have been published recently, these theories have not yet been satisfactorily reconciled with the results of direct numerical integrations. These ...