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    • The Definition of Numerical Analysis 

      Trefethen, Lloyd N. (Cornell University, 1992-09)
      This is a brief essay discussing perceptions and misperceptions of numerical analysis. A common misperception is that numerical analysis is the study of rounding errors. Even numerical analysts have been misled by this view.
    • Deflationary Metaphysics 

      Rowe, Eric (2015-08-17)
      This dissertation consists of three papers on a handful of related metaphysical and metametaphysical topics. The first examines the connection between analyticity and ontology. Some hold that we can trivially resolve ...
    • Deflection and Contact Characteristics of a Power Tiller Tyre 

      Kumar, P.; Dewangan, K. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2004-01)
      This is a paper from International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR, Commission Internationale du Genie Rural) E-Journal Volume 6 (2004): P. Kumar and K. Dewangan. Deflection and Contact Characteristics of a ...
    • Deformation Across The Seismic Cycle In Tectonically Active Regions: Imaging, Modeling, And Interpretations 

      Barnhart, William (2013-05-26)
      I mages of surface displacements in response to tectonic forces can provide independent, spatially dense observations that assist in understanding sub-surface processes. When considered independently or augmented with more ...
    • Defusing Arguments and Disagreements 

      Grusenmeyer, David (2000-01-01)
    • Degradable Plastics Update 

      Harrison, Ellen Z. (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2006)
    • Degradation Of Emerging Contaminants By Fe- And Mn- Based Oxidation Methods In Aqueous Solution 

      Xiao, Xiao (2012-08-20)
      Presence of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in the environment is of growing concern due to their potential ecological impacts and constant release. Conventional treatment plants are inefficient ...
    • Degradation Of Selected Organic Agrochemicals In Artificial Soil Slurry Systems By Anodic Fenton Treatment 

      Ye, Peng (2009-05-22)
      This thesis investigated the application of anodic Fenton treatment to the degradation of several probe agrochemicals in model soil slurry systems. A kinetic model, called the slurry AFT model, was developed to describe ...
    • Degraff, Herrell Franklin 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1986)
      Memorial Statement for Professor Herrell Franklin DeGraff who died in 1986. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its ...
    • A Degree Account of Exclamatives 

      Rett, Jessica (2009-06-30)
      From the Proceedings of SALT XVIII, 2008
    • Degree Subcomplexes Of Auter Space And Ribbon Graph Complexes 

      Forrest, Bradley (2009-08-19)
      The group Aut(Fn ) of automorphisms of a finitely generated free group acts properly and cocompactly on a simply-connected simplicial complex known as the degree 2 subcomplex of the spine of Auter space. In the first part ...
    • Deindividuate The Self, Infrahumanize Others 

      Hoffman, Bryce (2011-08-31)
    • The Deke House at Cornell: a concise history of the Delta Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1870-1949 

      Fogle, Homer William Jr (Delta Chi Association, 2012-05-13)
      The author recounts the Chapter's founding in 1870, the conduct of meetings, literary exercises, social gatherings, involvement in University activities, and matters of internal discipline. The author identifies the first ...
    • Delahanty, Donald Dee 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty; Bentinck-Smith, John; Bruner, Dorsey W.; Tennant, Bud C.; Danks, A. Gordon (Cornell University, 1975)
      Memorial Statement for Professor Donald Dee Delahanty, D.V.M. (1923-1975) who was a professor of Large Animal Medicine at the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine for 23 years from 1952 to 1975. Dr. Delahanty ...
    • Delay Line Based Adc And High Frequency Pulse Generation In Electrical Lc Latices 

      Park, Jihyuk (2009-10-09)
      This thesis consists of two central goals. The first goal is to introduce an analog-todigital converter (ADC) in time-domain resolutions. With the down scaling of the minimal feature size of modern submicron CMOS technologies, ...
    • Delayed Effects of Hydrofluoric Acid Burn 

      Felsovalyi, Flora; Jap, Bennett; Robilotto, Anthony; Tong, Gary (2001-01-07)
      Hydrofluoric acid burn is a common work related injury. After initial contact, hydrofluoric acid diffuses through the skin where it eventually reaches the bone. Once in contact, dissociated F- ions react with the calcium ...
    • Delegation - Task/Activity Analysis 

      Grusenmeyer, David (2002-11-01)
    • Delegation Worksheet 

      Grusenmeyer, David (2002-11-01)
    • Deliberation In Chinese And Indian Central Planning Bureaucracies 

      Joshi, Ishan (2011-01-31)
      This dissertation offers a different interpretation of the causes for the successful rapid growth of the Chinese and Indian economies in the contemporary period by placing both cases in the same analytic framework. Guided ...
    • Delinquincy Dynamics 

      Camacho, Erika; Villareal, Julio; Yichoy, Monica; Cornell University. Biometrics Unit.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biometrics.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. (1997-01)