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  • Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.05, No.4 (Winter 1971): Understanding Our Atmosphere 

    Brice, Neil; Farley, Donald; Berth, Donald (Internet-First University Press, 1971)
    In this Issue: Our Outermost Atmosphere: Examining Some Mysteries /2 (Auroral displays and radio blackouts are the observable indications of activity in the ionosphere, a region whose phenomena are discussed by Cornell's ...
  • Radar and Airglow Studies of F-Region Composition and Dynamics at Low Latitudes 

    Nicolls, Michael (2006-07-20)
    This thesis presents a series of studies investigating the composition and dynamics of the low latitude F-region ionosphere using airglow imagers and the Arecibo and Jicamarca incoherent scatter radars (ISRs), along with ...
  • Recollections by Sidney Kaufman 

    Kaufman, Sidney; Brice, William; Barazangi, Muawia; Hade, George (Internet-First University Press, 2003-06-26)
    A career with Shell Oil, then back to Cornell, Sid Kaufman remained a constant in the life of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, teaching and leading from the 1970's through his second retirement and until ...