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    • CIGR E-Journal Volume 5 

      Andrade, P.; Ashburner, J.; Bazhal, M.I.; Bodria, L.; Bourarach, E.H.; Clough, D. Gee; Dhingra, H.; Fung, V.; Hou, J.; Jenkins, B.; Jeun, J.; Jiang, E.; Kang, C.; Kim, G.; Lee, I.; Li, S.; Macmillan, R.; Norris, W.; Pellizzi, G.; Peng, G.; R. Dong; Raghavan, G.S.V.; Reid, J.; Sarig, Y.; Schueller, J.; Scott, N.; Senzanje, A.; Sims, B.; Sims, R.; Singh, S.; Singh, G.; Son, G.; Kobayashi, T.; Tewari, V.; Xiao, J.; Yun, J.; Zaske, J.; Zhang, L.; Zhou, X.; Zhu, B. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2003)
      Peer Reviewed Original Research Articles(29:419 pages): (1) Z. Deng, Y. Sato, and H. Jia. Mapping Land Cover Patterns of Gunma Prefecture, Japan by Using Remote Sensing. Vol. V. January 2003. (2) J.J. Zonderland, H.M. ...
    • Crustal Structure In Central And Northern Taiwan From Receiver Functions 

      Wolf, Danielle (2012-01-31)
      Taiwan is the type-example of arc-continent collision, with the Luzon Arc on the oceanic Philippine Sea Plate (PSP) colliding with the continental margin of the Eurasian Plate (EUP). In this three-dimensionally complex ...
    • Essays On Transnational Bioscience Entrepreneurs: Evidence From America, China, And Taiwan 

      Ying, Jonathan (2012-05-27)
      Although there are previous studies on transnational migrants, no studies have been done on transnational bioscience entrepreneurs (TBEs) from either China or Taiwan. This dissertation is the result of grounded theory ...
    • Manly Vice and Virtu: State Specters, Secular Rituals, and Public Culture in Taiwan 

      Festa, Paul E. (2005-08-01)
      This dissertation is an ethnographic study of male sociality and public culture in Taiwan. I examine the poetics and politics of disreputable social activities in which cohorts of male friends engage regularly and ...
    • Taiwan wen xian hui kan xu bian : Table of contents 

      Fang, Baochuan; Xie, Bizhe; Fujian shi fan da xue; Liang an wen hua fa zhan yan jiu zhong xin; Hai xia liang an chu ban jiao liu zhong xin (Jiu zhou chu ban she, 2015)
    • Translation Of Aesthetics: Local Performances In Colonial Taiwan, 1895-1945 

      Wang, Chun-Yen (2012-05-27)
      This dissertation examines "the multitude" and "the local" in Jingju and Gezaixi in Colonial Taiwan, looking into the way in which how local performances of such transcend colonially political boundaries, colonized ...
    • Working With Computers, Constructing A Developing Country: Introducing, Using, Building, And Tinkering With Computers In Cold War Taiwan, 1959-1984 

      Tinn, Hong-hong (2012-01-31)
      This dissertation uses a developing country's appropriation of mainframe computers, minicomputers, and microcomputers as a lens for understanding the historical relationships between the digital electronic computing ...