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    • Letter from an Austrian Officer in Hungary, 1848-1849 

      Baron, W. (E.H. Butler and Company, 1850)
      The letter of an Austrian soldier describing the military frontier and the border soldiers (Grenzer or Granicari) around the Hungarian periphery. Covers the following themes: Military Frontier of Hungary; its Extent and ...
    • Presentation of a Committee of the Hungarian Diet to Ferdinand, 1848 

      Unknown author (Phinney & Co., 1852)
      Appeal of Hungarian Diet to Austrian Emperor Ferdinand I to help put a stop to Croat rebellion
    • Proclamation of Ferdinand to Jellachich and the Croats, June 1848 

      Ferdinand I, Emperor of Austria (Phinney & Co., 1852)
      Austrian (Habsburg) Emperor Ferdinand I's reprimand of Croatian Ban Jelacic (Jellachich) and his supporters for attempting separation from the Hungarian crown
    • "Retrospect and Prospect," Speech given in Utica, NY, 1852 

      Kossuth, Lajos (C. S. Francis, 1854)
      Hungary's former revolutionary leader, Lajos Kossuth, bemoans the fate of Hungary's crushed revolution of 1848-1849 and expresses bitterness that the US did not come to Hungary's aid then.
    • Speech at the Pittsburgh Banquet, 1852 

      Kossuth, Lajos (Common Council of the City of New York, 1852)
      Lajos Kossuth was the leader of the 1848 revolution in Hungary, which was defeated with the help of imperial Russia in 1849. His speech outlines the goals of the Hungarian nationalist cause to an American audience in 1852, ...