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    • CALS Memorial Trees 

      Cowett, Fred (2010-02-25)
      A list of CALS Memorial Trees on the Cornell University campus, including those on the Ag Quad, and a map of those trees on the Ag Quad. The following data is provided for each tree: common name, Latin name, species code, ...
    • Conifer PM2.5 Deposition and Resuspension in Wind and Rain Events 

      Pullman, Marcie (2008-08-21)
      Recent EPA rulings allow State Implementation Plans (SIP) to include new urban tree plantings as a measure of air pollution abatement, creating an urgent need for accurate estimates of pollution removal by trees. Deposition ...
    • Witness Tree: Landscape And Dissent In The Nineteenth-Century United States. 

      Miller, Daegan (2013-05-26)
      "Witness Tree: Landscape and Dissent in the Nineteenth-Century United States" is a cultural and environmental history that draws on a range of primary source materials, both textual and visual, to trace how nineteenth-century ...