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    • CIGR E-Journal Volume 5 

      Andrade, P.; Ashburner, J.; Bazhal, M.I.; Bodria, L.; Bourarach, E.H.; Clough, D. Gee; Dhingra, H.; Fung, V.; Hou, J.; Jenkins, B.; Jeun, J.; Jiang, E.; Kang, C.; Kim, G.; Lee, I.; Li, S.; Macmillan, R.; Norris, W.; Pellizzi, G.; Peng, G.; R. Dong; Raghavan, G.S.V.; Reid, J.; Sarig, Y.; Schueller, J.; Scott, N.; Senzanje, A.; Sims, B.; Sims, R.; Singh, S.; Singh, G.; Son, G.; Kobayashi, T.; Tewari, V.; Xiao, J.; Yun, J.; Zaske, J.; Zhang, L.; Zhou, X.; Zhu, B. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2003)
      Peer Reviewed Original Research Articles(29:419 pages): (1) Z. Deng, Y. Sato, and H. Jia. Mapping Land Cover Patterns of Gunma Prefecture, Japan by Using Remote Sensing. Vol. V. January 2003. (2) J.J. Zonderland, H.M. ...
    • Heat Generated by Mechanical Agitation and Lactose Metabolism during Continuous Propagation of Kluyveromyces fragils in Cheese Whey 

      Ghaly, A.E.; Mahmoud, N.S. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2003-05)
      This is an Invited Paper from International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR, Commission Internationale du Genie Rural) E-Journal Volume 5 (2003): A.E. Ghaly and N.S. Mahmoud. Heat Generated by Mechanical ...