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    • Analysis Of Four Particle Systems 

      Chatterjee, Shirshendu (2011-08-31)
      This thesis deals with four models of stochastic dynamics on relevant large finite systems. The first one is the contact process on random graphs on n vertices with power law degree distributions. If the infection rate is ...
    • Dynamics Of Epistasis From Duplicate Genes To Genome-Wide Networks 

      Xu, Lin (2012-01-31)
      Epistasis refers to the phenomenon that phenotypic consequences caused by mutation of one gene depend on one or more mutations at another gene. Epistasis is critical for understanding many genetic and evolutionary processes, ...
    • Dynamics, A Displacement And The Superfluidity Density Of A Bose Gas In An Optical Lattice 

      Yanay, Yariv (2015-08-17)
      Advances in experimental atomic systems have given us access to highly tunable quantum systems, and to an unprecedented range of observables of these systems. One fundamental system that has been made accessible in this ...