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    • The Case of Bohemia, 1917 

      Namier, Lewis (The Czech National Alliance in Great Britain, 1917)
      Argues for an independent Bohemia as a check on the power of Germans and Magyars (Hungarians).
    • Declaration of the Nobility to President Benes, 1938 

      Nobility (Rozmluvy, 1990)
      The Czech nobility writes to Czechoslovak President Eduard Benes voicing their desire to preserve the unity of Bohemia in the face of the threat of German expansion and claims on the Sudetenland.
    • Documents on the Founding of Czechoslovakia, 1918-1924 

      Unknown author (1918)
      Documents relating to the establishment of the Czechoslovak state.
    • Economic Democracy 

      Masaryk, Tomas G. (Frederick A. Stokes Co., 1927)
      From the memoirs of Czechoslovak President Masaryk from the years 1914-1918 wherein he talks about how communism is not the right path to take to equality. Includes a short biography of Masaryk at the end.
    • International Remedy for Depreciated Currencies, 1921 

      Rasin, Alois (1921)
      Czech statesman Rasin discusses the means by which to create a viable Czechoslovak economy in the wake of the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.
    • Message of President Masaryk to Parliament of Czechoslovakia, 1922 

      Masaryk, Tomas G. (1922)
      Message of Czechoslovak President Tomas Masaryk to the Representatives of Parliament (January 1, 1922) in which he addresses the need for agrarian reform and "de-Austrianizing" the bureaucracy.
    • Some Principles of the New Constitution, 1946 

      Gottwald, Klement (Czechoslovak Ministry of Information, 1946)
      Statement of policy of the third Government of the National Front of the Czechs and Slovaks, made by the Premier, Klement Gottwald, in the Constituent National Assembly, Prague, July 8, 1946
    • Speech of President Masaryk, 1928 

      Masaryk, Tomas G. (Orbis, 1928)
      Czechoslovak President Tomas Masaryk's speech on the Tenth Anniversary of Czechoslovak Independence, October 28, 1928 in which he speaks about the foundations of the republic, the past and future of the Czechs and Slovaks, ...
    • Travels Through Bohemia, 1919 

      Scheu, Robert (Strache, 1919)
      This excerpt comes from a book-length study published in 1919, by an Austrian journalist who was the son of a famous Austrian Social Democrat. Scheu traveled around the language border in Bohemia during the summer of 1918, ...
    • U.S. Diplomatic Correspondence on the Destruction of Czechoslovakia, Spring 1939 

      Unknown author (1939)
      40 pieces of US diplomatic correspondence relating to the dissection of Czechoslovakia.