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    • Nikki Giovanni: an afternoon of poetry 

      Giovanni, Nikki (11/18/1989)
      Giovanni reads six of her poems.
    • Cornell on Corbu: the myth of the Corb Academy 

      Otto, Christian F.; Rowe, Colin; Fuente, Guillaume Jullian de la; Hodgen, Lee F.; Shaw, John; Warke, Val K.; Seligmann, Werner; (11/19/1988)
      Panel members discuss the relationship between architecture and architectural history, particularly the past and present influence of Le Corbusier's work and theory on Cornell's design curriculum.
    • Architecture between individualism and convention 

      Kleihues, Josef Paul (11/2/1984)
      Kleihues describes the current architectual designs being used in the renovation of inner-city Berlin.
    • Political and moral consequences of science 

      Weizsäcker, Carl Friedrich, Freiherr von, 1912-2007 (11/20/1987)
      Weizsacker holds that scientists should feel responsible for the social, political and ecological consequences of modern science and technology and should act accordingly.
    • The evolution of a writer's voice: Gloria Naylor reads and reflects on her own work 

      Naylor, Gloria (11/21/1988)
      Naylor describes the development of her literary voice and suggests that the legion of voices which have preceded her have molded hers into what it is today.
    • History and the novel 

      LaCapra, Dominick, 1939- (11/28/1984)
      LaCapra describes the relationship of the novel to history and briefly chronicles intellectual history, interpreting and defining the novel through its relation to history.
    • Centrality 

      Evans, Robin, 1944-1993 (11/3/1988)
      Evans presents a study of the architecture of centralized Renaissance churches with emphasis on the manner in which meaning is conveyed.
    • Imagination as faith 

      Bishop, Jonathan (11/30/1982)
      Bishop discusses contemporary literature from Fitzgerald to Diddeon as a frame for absolution.
    • Homeless in America 

      Snyder, Mitch, Fennelly, Carol (11/30/1988)
      Snyder discusses the plight of homeless people who cannot find affordable housing in America, suggesting ways in which this problem may be alleviated.
    • Cabala and the modern man 

      Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991 (11/4/1981)
      Singer discusses the significance of cabala--the Jewish theology based on a cipher method of interpreting the scripture--to the sceptical, scientific modern man.
    • Architecture and its three geometries 

      Evans, Robin, 1944-1993 (11/4/1988)
      Evans explains what he sees as the three phases of fragmentation in 20th century architecture: cubism and its application to architecture, function and the humanizing of architectural firm, and the decentering of the subject.
    • Neumann--presence and history 

      Otto, Christian F. (11/5/1987)
      Otto traces the history of Neumann's various architectural endeavors.
    • Screening of Transport to Paradise' 

      Lustig, Arnošt (11/5/1988)
      Lustig, who wrote the screenplay to the film Transport to Paradise, depicting the plight of Jews during Nazi domination in Germany, gives an introduction to the film.
    • Katerina Anghelaki-Hook reads her own poetry 

      Angelak?-Rouk, Katerina (11/7/1983)
      Anghelaki-Rooke's poems recall her Greek ancestry.
    • Talk on what makes 60 Minutes tick 

      Socolow, Sanford (11/7/1984)
      Socolow chronicles the history of 60 Minutes.
    • Meir Kahane speaks at Cornell 

      Kahane, Meir (11/9/1987)
      Kahane tells stories of Jews being killed in Israel, stories which he claims are never heard in the popular press. He speaks of a contradiction between zionism and Western democracy noting that the development of a Jewish ...
    • Covert action in a democracy: the ethical considerations 

      Colby, William Egan, 1920-1996; Beitz, Charles R. (12/1/1988)
      Colby and Beitz discuss the politics of covert action, debating on such aspects as secrecy and efficacy.
    • Relativity, pulsars and atomic time 

      Taylor, Joseph H. (Joseph Hooton) (12/1/1988)
      Taylor discusses the mechanisms involved in measuring time with an atomic clock, and covers related aspects of pulsars and relativity.
    • Race, writing and difference 

      Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. (12/15/1983)
      Gates discusses black writing styles.
    • [Abbie Hoffman speaks at Cornell.] 

      Hoffman, Abbie (12/7/1981)
      This recording includes approximately 30 min. of a press conference given in conjunction with the lecture. Abbie Hoffman discusses the media, the government and his protest activites.