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    • Is my death possible? (part II) 

      Derrida, Jacques (10/7/1992)
      Derrida examines the concept of death and of Dasein as analyzed by Heidegger in his his text Being and Time. In exploring the various constructions of death, he incorporates linguistical analyses as well as a comparison ...
    • Arab women and political struggles: the case of Palestinian women during the Intifadah 

      Rishmawi, Mona (10/8/1988)
      Rishmawi discusses the role of Palestinian women in the Intifadah.
    • Assessing Reagan's record: women's concerns 

      Katzenstein, Mary Fainsod, 1945-; Feldman, Margaret (10/9/1984)
      Katzenstein speaks of Reagan's attempts to reestablish the patriarchal family as predominant in the U.S. Feldman speaks of Reagan's attempts to curtail federal medical assistance for the elderly, a disproportionate number ...
    • The 'German Question' reopened 

      Katzenstein, Peter J. (11/10/1984)
      Katzenstein emphasizes the contradictory elements inherent in the German reunification question.
    • A gathering of spirit: a reading of North American Indian womens' writing 

      Brant, Beth, 1941-2015 (11/11/1983)
      Brant reads and discusses a selection of poetry written by Native American women.
    • Outward glance and inward retreat: ambivalence in African arts and literature 

      Soyinka, Wole (11/11/1985)
      Soyinka provides a detailed analysis of African art and discusses Western attitudes toward it.
    • An evening with two Mohawk poets 

      Karoniaktatie, Rokwaho, 1953- (11/11/1987)
      Two native American Indian poets read from their works.
    • Seeds and global politics 

      Borlaug, Norman E. (Norman Ernest), 1914-2009 (11/12/1984)
      Borlaug discusses various social and political influences on the development of agriculture and international agricultural policy.
    • The dangerous realities of America's misperceptions of the world 

      Salinger, Pierre (11/12/1987)
      Salinger discusses his experiences as a news correspondent and his views regarding American foreign policy, including his encouragement for individuals to be involved and informed regarding current affairs.
    • The unbearable lightness of building 

      Otto, Christian F. (11/12/1988)
      Otto explores architecture as space through a detailed study of churches and secular buildings.
    • Annotations on ambiguity 

      Turner, Judith (11/13/1987)
      Turner discusses her slides which show different aspects of interior design.
    • Masking and unmasking of photography in post-modernism 

      Grundberg, Andy (11/14/1984)
      Grundberg defines postmodernism and describes its importance.
    • The presidency in the media age 

      Schorr, Daniel, 1916-2010 (11/14/1988)
      Schorr criticizes the role of television in politics today, focusing on Ronald Reagan's successful manipulation of television to weave his fantasies into a reality for the American public.
    • Reaganomics and women 

      Steinem, Gloria (11/15/1981)
      Steinem criticizes the Reagan administration for its stance on issues concerning women, abortion, and minorities. She discusses the need for the more unified organization of women in politics.
    • The myth of women's masochism 

      Caplan, Paula J. (11/15/1984)
      Caplan describes a number of ideas which surround sex differences, particularly those which relate to female masochism.
    • The Reagan legacy and beyond 

      Meese, Edwin (11/15/1988)
      Meese gives an overview of Reagan's administration and addresses the challenges facing President-elect Bush in his upcoming administration.
    • The Reagan presidency and domestic affairs 

      Schorr, Daniel, 1916-2010 (11/15/1988)
      Schorr outlines Reagan's three major attributes: speech reading, small talk, and ineptitude in dealing with spontaneous affairs. He addresses the president's popularity and his future legacy.
    • Speaking at Cornell 

      Kahane, Meir (11/16/1986)
      Kahane presents his views on the state of Israel and the presence of Arabs in Israel while responding to a hostile, heckling crowd.
    • America's third century: an agenda for reform 

      Hart, Gary, 1936- (11/16/1987)
      Hart discusses the importance of politics in everyone's lives and calls for a theme of excellence in the country's education, domestic spending, foreign policy and outlook for the future.
    • Ideas on the philosophy of science 

      Weizsäcker, Carl Friedrich, Freiherr von, 1912-2007 (11/17/1987)
      Von Weizsacker explains his personal view of philosophy and the philosophy of science.