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    • Modern architecture and the mass media 

      Colomina, Beatriz (10/26/1993)
      Colomina examines the interplay between high and mass culture, and the influence of that interaction, along with the advertising techniques of the technological revolution, on modern architecture.
    • A university physicist and the pentagon: consulting for the military in the 60's 

      Salpeter, Edwin E. (10/28/1987)
      Saltpeter describes his involvement in scietific consultation regarding government military projects.
    • The Palestinian as Israeli citizen 

      Ḥabībī, Imīl. (10/29/1986)
      Habiby traces the history of a systematic policy of the State of Israel from 1948 to the present of eliminating Arabs from Israel.
    • Light, space and form: the heart of architecture 

      Meier, Richard (10/29/1992)
      Meier discusses the role of light in arhictecture, citing his own architecture in particular. He discusses the different aspects of architecture for different kinds of buidlings, focusing especially on museums. He analyzes ...
    • Sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish and French mysticism, part 4 

      Certeau, Michel de (10/3/1984)
      de Certeau analyzes Juan de la Cruz's poetry in light of Spanish mysticism.
    • Spirituality, femininity, and world community 

      Pempel, Alice McDowell (10/3/1984)
      Pempel discusses yin and yang, or feminine and masculine characteristics, and the need for more yin in our society. She asserts that we must begin to concentrate more on being than on doing and to make time for solitude.
    • The politics of friendship 

      Derrida, Jacques (10/3/1988)
      Derrida addresses the concepts and meanings of friendship with a philosophical interpretation.
    • Beth Brant reads from her own work 

      Brant, Beth, 1941-2015 (10/3/1988)
      Brant reads from her book, Mohawk Trail, an anthology of native American feminist writings.
    • Can social change be achieved through the United States' political system? 

      Goodstein, David B., 1932- (10/30/1984)
      Goodstein discusses social change which has occurred during the past 20 years and its implications for the U.S. political system.
    • West German parties and their politics 

      Schwaetzer, Irmgard, 1942- (10/30/1985)
      Adan-Schaetzer discusses West German political parties and social political conditions in West Germany.
    • The green revolution revisited 

      Swaminathan, M. S. (Monkombu Sambasivan) (10/30/1987)
      Swaminathan explains the benefits and concerns of the green revolution.
    • Berlin architecture and urban design since 1900 

      Kleihues, Josef Paul (10/31/1984)
      Kleihues describes several of the civic designs which were suggested for Berlin during the period 1900-1965.
    • How to avoid nuclear war 

      Weisskopf, Victor Frederick, 1908-2002 (10/31/1984)
      Weisskopf discusses nuclear war, the cold war, and the present realities of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). He describes the work of antinuclear activists and their influence on public policy.
    • The United States in Latin America: a history of intervention 

      LaFeber, Walter (10/31/1988)
      LeFeber examines the history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and relates America's modern Latin American policies to its previous history of intervention.
    • Jazz and literary culture in Czechoslovakia today 

      Škvorecký, Josef, 1924-2012 (10/4/1984)
      Skovorecky discusses the Communist repression of the Czech government, especially in the literary and musical fields, since 1968. Particular attention is paid to the development of jazz and punk rock music in Czechoslovakia, ...
    • Commentary on two films 

      Robeson, Paul, 1898-1976 (10/5/1983)
      Robeson introduces two films of his father's which present views of the black actor.
    • The humanities in everyday life and public policy 

      Harris, Robert; Stimpson, Catharine R., 1936-; Norton, Mary Beth; Marshall, Jeffrey; Lanham, Richard A. (10/5/1984)
      The five speakers discusss topics such as the problems facing foreign-language students in American universities, conflicts over the distribution of the National Endowment for the Humanities funds, and the need for public ...
    • How Finland went western 

      Salo, Arvo (10/6/1987)
      Salo gives an overview of Finland's westernization.
    • Is my death possible? (part I) 

      Derrida, Jacques (10/6/1992)
      Derrida attempts to more closely define death and some of the semantics that surround it. Quoting extensively from Heiddeger, he discusses the limitations on knowledge of death and death's transferable, ever-pervasive ...
    • The veil as magic in non-Democratic Islam: the word and the deed or the symbolic management of incoherence 

      Mernissi, Fatima (10/7/1988)
      Mernissi attributes the suppression of women's rights in the Muslim world to the advent of Islam and describes the role of women in modern Muslim society.