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    • Demand-Driven Alias Analysis for C 

      Zheng, Xin; Rugina, Radu (Cornell University, 2007-07-19)
      This paper presents a demand-driven, flow-insensitive analysis algorithm for answering may-alias queries. We formulate the computation of alias queries as a CFL-reachability problem, and use this formulation to derive a ...
    • Pyrolysis And Oxidation Of Suflur Mustard Simulants 

      Zheng, Xin (2011-01-31)
      The r eaction kinetics of diethyl sulfide (C 2H5 -S-C2H5 ) and ethyl methyl sulfide (C2H5 -S-CH3), simulants for the chemical warfare agent, sulfur mustard (ClC 2H4 -SC2H4Cl), was studied at high temperatures under highly ...
    • Secure web applications via automatic partitioning 

      Chong, Stephen; Liu, Jed; Myers, Andrew C.; Qi, Xin; Vikram, K.; Zheng, Lantian; Zheng, Xin (Cornell University, 2007-03-28)
      Web applications are now critical infrastructure. To improve the user interface, some application functionality is typically implemented as client-side JavaScript code. Currently there are no good methods for deciding ...