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    • Non-Newtonian sink flow cusps 

      Samano, Diego; Zenit, Roberto (2009-10-16)
      This is an entry for the Gallery of Fluid Motion of the 62st Annual Meeting of the APS-DFD ( fluid dynamics videos ). This video shows the formation of sharps cusps in the interface of a viscoelastic liquid with air ...
    • Rodless Weissenberg Effect 

      Soto, Enrique; Enriquez, Oscar R.; Zenit, Roberto; Manero, Octavio (2008-10-08)
      The climbing effect of a viscoelastic fluid when stirred by a spinning rod is well documented and known as Weissenberg effect(Wei et al, 2006). This phenomenon is related to the elasticity of the fluid. We have observed ...
    • Superheated water drops in hot oil 

      Soto, Enrique; Zenit, Roberto; Belmonte, Andrew (2009-10-16)
      Drops of water at room temperature were released in hot oil, which had a temperature higher than that of the boiling point of water. Initially, the drop temperature increases slowly mainly due to heat transfer diffusion; ...