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    • arXiv Bibliography 

      Viele, Pat (2007-10-05)
      This is a bibliography of articles about arXiv. 10/5-2007
    • BOCES workshop Science Web Sources 

      Viele, Pat (2005-10-12)
      Recently I demonstrated some starting places for teachers to find good science information on the Internet. Categories of sites include: professional societies, government agencies, instititutions offering professional ...
    • Critical Thinking and the Internet 

      Viele, Pat (2007-11-06)
      When asked where they go for information, most students say the web. But, do they understand how to evaluate the resources that they find? This handout from my presentation I gave is designed to help Internet users ...
    • ED04 Information Fluency and Physics Graduate Students 

      Viele, Pat (2008-01-17)
      This document is the handout that I gave to attendees at the winter meeting 2008 of the American Association of Physics Teachers.
    • Graduate Education in Physics: Which Way Forward Handout 

      Viele, Pat (2008-01-29)
      This document is the handout that accompanied my poster session "Information Fluency and Graduate Physics Students" that I gave at the 2008 conference "Graduate Education in Physics: Which Way Forward".
    • Internet Assignments Physics 213 

      Viele, Pat; Wheeler, Richard (2005-10-27)
      These assignments were 5% of the grade for Physics 213 taught at Cornell during the summer of 2005.
    • Leaving a Trail of Bread Crumbs 

      Viele, Pat (2007-09-27)
      I presented this poster at SLA 07. It represents the ways I use technology to interact with my library patrons.
    • Mining the Internet 

      Viele, Pat (2005-09-16)
      This brief review of good starting places for web searches was later publised in Physics Education's Reviews section as Web Watch: Mining the Internet. Physics Education: 40(1): 96-98 January, 2005
    • Mining the Internet Tutorial 

      Viele, Pat (2005-08-22)
      The Internet and the World Wide Web have made it very easy to make information widely accessible. Although search engines can be very useful, there are other searching otpions. During this session, I will demonstrate ...
    • Sample Web Site Evaluation Form 

      Viele, Pat (2005-06-17)
      This is a sample form for the purpose of evaluating a web site.
    • Staff Web Interim Report 

      Engle, Michael; Engst, Elaine; Hillmann, Diane; Viele, Pat; Stadel-Bevans, Cheryl (Cornell University Library, 1999-06-22)
      The purpose of the StaffWeb Committee was to design, update and maintain the StaffWeb page. This work entailed decisions on both the form and content of the page, which should be made on the basis of the committee's own ...
    • StaffWeb Interim Report 1999 

      Engle, Michael; Engst, Elaine; Hillmann, Diane; Viele, Pat; Stadel-Bevans, Cheryl (1999-06-22)
      Interim report for the StaffWeb.
    • Tips for Evaluating Web Sites 

      Viele, Pat (2005-06-17)
      For better or worse, the web has become an integral part of our lives. As a central repository for information, the web can greatly enrich institutions that have limited resources at their disposal. The good news is that ...
    • Understanding the Research and Teaching Needs of Physics Faculty 

      Viele, Pat (2005-06-19)
      Traditionally, physicists have not been big users of libraries. Now that so much of the information they need is on-line, interactions between faculty and librarians have become few and far between. Here are some of the ...