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    • Generalized Bottom-Up Parsing 

      Szymanski, Thomas G. (Cornell University, 1973-05)
      In this thesis we present a decision procedure for testing the correctness of a broad class of bottom-up parsing machines. Motivated by the work of Colmerauer and Williams, we allow our parsers to find any simple phrase ...
    • Non-Canonical Extensions of Bottom-Up Parsing Techniques 

      Szymanski, Thomas G.; Williams, John H. (Cornell University, 1975-01)
      A bottom-up parsing technique which can make non-leftmost possible reductions in sentential forms is said to be non-canonical. Nearly every existing parsing technique can be extended to a non-canonical method which ...
    • Program Schemes with Pushdown Stores 

      Brown, Steven; Gries, David; Szymanski, Thomas G. (Cornell University, 1972-04)
      We attempt to characterize classes of schemes allowing pushdown stores, building on an earlier work by Constable and Gries [1]. We study the effect (on the computational power) of aloowing one, two, or more pushdown stores, ...