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    • Computing the Newtonian Graph (Extended abstract) 

      Kozen, Dexter; Stefansson, Kjartan (Cornell University, 1993-10)
      A polynomial $f\in \complex[z]$ defines a vector field $N_f(z) = -f(z)/f'(z)$ on $\complex$. Certain degenerate curves of flow in $N_f$ give the edges of the Newtonian graph, as defined by \cite{Sma85}. These give ...
    • Newtonian Graphs, Riemann Surfaces and Computation 

      Stefansson, Kjartan (Cornell University, 1995-05)
      In this thesis we study the Newtonian graph and how to compute it. We show different applications of this computation, ranging from numerical root finding to computing the genera of algebraic Riemann surfaces. Newton's ...
    • Systems of Set Constraints with Negative Constraints are NEXPTIME-Complete 

      Stefansson, Kjartan (Cornell University, 1993-08)
      A system of set constraints is a system of expressions $E\subseteq F$ where $E$ and $F$ describe sets of ground terms over a ranked alphabet. Aiken et al. [AKVW93] classified the complexity of such systems. In [AKW93] ...