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    • A4. A Web-Based BMP Selection Tool to Minimize Pesticide Transport 

      Saia, Sheila M.; Brooks, Erin S.; Easton, Zach M.; Baffaut, Claire; Boll, Jan; Steenhuis, Tammo S. (Internet-First University Press, 2012-05)
      Farmers rely on best management practices to reduce pesticide transport to surface waters and groundwater. There are a variety of tools available to help soil and water conservation managers optimize agricultural best ...
    • B1. Laplace - Boussinesq: 3-1. 

      van de Giesen, Nick; Steenhuis, Tammo S.; Parlange, Jean-Yves (Internet-First University Press, 2012-05)
      In 1993, Jean-Yves Parlange developed a very generic solution for the Laplace equation in the archetypal drainage geometry of an aquifer on an impermeable layer between two parallel drains with linearized boundary conditions. ...
    • Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.25, No.1 (Autumn 1990): Water in the Ground 

      Haith, Douglas A.; Steenhuis, Tammo S.; Parlange, J.-Yves; Kung, K.-J. Samuel; Cathles, Lawrence M., III; Richard, Tom; Jewell, William J. (Internet-First University Press, 1990)
      IN THIS ISSUE: Mathematical Models of Nonpoint-Source Pollution /2 Douglas A. Haith ... Preferential Flow in Structured and Sandy Soils /7 Tammo S. Steenhuis and J.-Yves Parlange ... Finding Layers in the Soil: ...
    • I3. Hydrological Modeling Where No Meteorological Stations Exist 

      Fuka, Daniel R.; MacAlister, Charlotte; Easton, Zachary M.; Walter, M. Todd; Steenhuis, Tammo S. (Internet-First University Press, 2012-05)
      An important characteristic of hydrological is the need for accurate forcing data, such as precipitation and temperature. Acquiring precipitation and temperature gauge data poses a variety of chal¬lenges, not least the ...
    • I4. Irrigation Area Suitability Mapping by Multi-criteria Evaluation Technique for the Case of Lake Tana Basin, Upper Blue Nile, Ethiopia 

      Wale, Abeyou; Collick, Amy S; Rossiter, David G; Steenhuis, Tammo S. (Internet-First University Press, 2012-05)
      The study was carried out in the Lake Tana Basin, the upper portion of the Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia. It has a total catchment area of around 15,000 km2, of which the lake covers approximately 3,060 km2 at an average ...
    • Scaling Effects on Runoff and Soil Moisture Content in a GIS-Based, Variable-Source-Area Hydrology Model 

      Kuo, Wen-Ling; Steenhuis, Tammo S.; McCulloch, Charles E.; Mohler, Charles L.; Weinstein, David; DeGloria, Stephen; Swaney, Dennis; Cornell University. Biometrics Unit.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biometrics.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. (1998-05)