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    • Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.20, No.2 (Autumn 1985): Twenty Years of Computer Science at Cornell 

      Gries, David; Teitelbaum, Tim; Reps, Thomas; Schneider, Fred B.; Babaoglu, Ozalp; Birman, Kenneth P.; Toueg, Sam; Krafft, Dean B.; Solworth, Jon A.; Duke, Diane; Fish, Michele (Internet-First University Press, 1985)
      IN THIS ISSUE: Twenty Years of Computer Science at Cornell /2 David Gries ... Immediate Computation or How to Keep a Personal Computer Busy /12 Tim Teitelbaum and Thomas Reps ... Reaching Agreement: A Fundamental Task Even ...
    • Epochs 

      Solworth, Jon A. (Cornell University, 1987-04)
      To date, the implementation of message passing languages have required the communications variables (sometimes called ports) either to be limited to the number of physical communications registers in the machine, or to ...
    • The GENERIC Programming Language Manual 

      Solworth, Jon A. (Cornell University, 1985-09)
      GENERIC is a programming language for the description and manipulation of integrated circuits. GENERIC works on the layout level with the designer in complete control of the layout process. To design an integrated circuit, ...
    • Low-level programming for a massively parallel fine-grain computer: the Microflow approach 

      Hendren, Laurie J.; Nicolau, Alexandru; Solworth, Jon A.; Xavier, Patrick G. (Cornell University, 1987-03)
      A new programming language $MFL^{3}$ is described, which, while low level, combines both message passing and shared memory models. We examine both the programming style and implementation issues of such a language. The ...
    • Microflow: A Fine-Grain Parallel Processing Approach 

      Solworth, Jon A.; Nicolau, Alexandru (Cornell University, 1985-11)