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    • On the Complexity of ML Typability with Overloading 

      Volpano, Dennis M.; Smith, Geoffrey S. (Cornell University, 1991-05)
      We examine the complexity of type checking in an ML-style type system that permits functions to be overloaded with different types. In particular, we consider the extension of the ML Type system proposed by Wadler and ...
    • Overloading and Bounded Polymorphism 

      Smith, Geoffrey S. (Cornell University, 1989-11)
      We present an extension of the Hindley/Milner polymorphic type system that deals with overloading. The system uses a kind of bounded polymorphic type to describe the nonuniform polymorphism resulting from the use of ...
    • Polymorphic Type Inference for Languages with Overloading and Subtyping 

      Smith, Geoffrey S. (Cornell University, 1991-08)
      Many computer programs have the property that they work correctly on a variety of types of input; such programs are called polymorphic. Polymorphic type systems support polymorphism by allowing programs to be given multiple ...