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    • Consistency in a Partitioned Network: A Survey 

      Davidson, Susan B.; Garcia-Molina, Hector; Skeen, Dale (Cornell University, 1984-06)
      Recently, several strategies for transaction processing in partitioned distributed database systems with replicated data have been proposed. We survey these strategies in light of the goal of maintaining reliability. ...
    • Determining the Last Process to Fail 

      Skeen, Dale (Cornell University, 1982-02)
      A total failure occurs whenever all processes cooperatively executing a distributed task fail before the task's completion. A frequent prerequisite for recovery from a total failure is the identification of the last group ...
    • Extensions of the Reduction Process in the Wong-Youssefi Strategy for Query Processing 

      Haggard, Gary; Skeen, Dale (Cornell University, 1982-08)
    • Increasing Availability in Partitioned Database Systems 

      Skeen, Dale; Wright,David D. (Cornell University, 1983-11)
    • The Inherent Cost of Nonblocking Commitment 

      Dwork, Cynthia; Skeen, Dale (Cornell University, 1982-05)
      A commitment protocol orchestrates the execution of a distributed transaction, allowing each participant to "vote" on the transaction and then applying a pre-specified rule to decide the outcome (commit or abort). A ...
    • Merging Partitioned Databases 

      Wright, David D.; Skeen, Dale (Cornell University, 1983-04)
      Partitioning of a distributed data base requires either that update activity be restricted or that a strategy for conflict resolution and partition merging be used once communication is restored. The graph-theoretic ...
    • Patterns of Communication in Consensus Protocols 

      Dwork, Cynthia; Skeen, Dale (Cornell University, 1984-06)
      This paper presents a taxonomy of consensus problems, based on their safeness and liveness properties, and then explores the relationships among the different problems in the taxonomy. Each problem is characterized by ...
    • A Quorum-Based Commit Protocol 

      Skeen, Dale (Cornell University, 1982-02)
      Herein, we propose a commit protocol and an associated recovery protocol that is resilient to site failures, lost messages, and network partitioning. The protocols do not require that a failure be correctly identified ...
    • Thrifty Execution of Task Pipelines 

      Schneider, Fred B.; Conway, Richard W.; Skeen, Dale (Cornell University, 1984-06)
      A sequence of tasks that must be performed on a sequential database can be scheduled in various ways. Schedules will differ with respect to the number of accesses made to peripheral storage devices and the amount of ...