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    • Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.22, No.3 (Spring 1988): Nanofabrication: Where Smaller is Better 

      Wolf, Edward D.; Tiberio, Richard C.; Phillips, James R.; Mayer, James W.; Ast, Dieter G.; Shealy, J. Richard; Tasker, Paul J.; Eastman, Lester F.; Hoch, Harvey C.; Staples, Richard C. (Internet-First University Press, 1988)
      IN THIS ISSUE: Ten Years Old and Going Strong: A Commemoration of a Decade of Research at Cornells National Nanofabrication Facility /2 Edward D. Wolf ... Fabricating Transistors in the Nanometer Domain /8 Richard C. Tiberio ...
    • Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.23, No.1 (Autumn 1988): A New Thrust in Electronics Research 

      Shealy, J. Richard; Krusius, J. Peter; Al-Omar, Abdul-Azeez; Weinzierl, Steven R.; Luk, Franklin T.; Schimmel, David E.; Torng, H. C.; Tang, C. L.; Bilardi, Gianfranco; Pollock, Clifford R. (Internet-First University Press, 1988)
      IN THIS ISSUE: Cornell and JSEP: A New Thrust in a Major Program of Electronics Research /2 ... Growing Crystalline Layers for New High-Speed Electron Devices /4 J. Richard Shealy ... Supercomputer Simulation for Understanding ...