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      Birman, Kenneth P.; Joseph, Thomas A.; Schmuck, Frank B. (Cornell University, 1987-07)
    • Programming with Shared Bulletin Boards in Asynchronus Distributed Systems 

      Birman, Kenneth P.; Joseph, Thomas A.; Schmuck, Frank B.; Stephenson, Patrick (Cornell University, 1986-08)
      We consider loosely coupled distributed computing systems in which processes interact through shared resources, which are modeled as bulletin boards. The first part of the paper formalizes the notion of consistent behavior ...
    • Supplying High Availability with a Standard Network File System 

      Marzullo, Keith; Schmuck, Frank B. (Cornell University, 1987-12)
      This paper describes the design of a network file service that is tolerant to fail-stop failures and can be run on top of a standard network file service. The fault-tolerance is completely transparent, so the resulting ...
    • The Use of Efficient Broadcast Protocols in Asynchronous Distributed Systems 

      Schmuck, Frank B. (Cornell University, 1988-08)
      Reliable broadcast protocols are important tools in distributed and fault-tolerant programming. They are useful for sharing information and for maintaining replicated data in a distributed system. However, a wide range ...