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    • A Gradient-Based Evidence Measure for Image Matching 

      Scharstein, Daniel (Cornell University, 1994-08)
      We present a simple yet powerful method to perform point-to-point matching between two images. The method uses an \it{evidence measure}, whose value for a given displacement reflects both the similarity between two ...
    • Stereo Matching with Non-Linear Diffusion 

      Scharstein, Daniel; Szeliski, Richard (Cornell University, 1996-03)
      One of the central problems in stereo matching (and other image registration tasks) is the selection of optimal window sizes for comparing image regions. This paper addresses this problem with some novel algorithms based ...
    • View Synthesis Using Stereo Vision 

      Scharstein, Daniel (Cornell University, 1996-08)
      This thesis investigates the use of stereo vision for the application of view synthesis. View synthesis --- the problem of creating images of a scene as it would appear from novel viewpoints --- has traditionally been ...