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    • Collection Development in the Day of Google 

      Sandler, Mark (2005-11-30)
      The powerpoint presentation given by Mark Sandler at the Janus Conference on Research Library Collections, October 10, 2005.
    • Janus Conference Proceedings Video (Part 3): On library collections in the age of Google 

      Sandler, Mark (Internet-First University Press, 2005)
      Mark Sandler, Director of Collections, University of Michigan Library presented "On library collections in the age of Google" at the Janus Conference on Research Library Collections: Managing the Shifting Ground Between ...
    • Network Failure Detection and Graph Connectivity 

      Kleinberg, Jon; Sandler, Mark; Slivkins, Aleksandrs (Cornell University, 2002-11-22)
      We consider a model for monitoring the connectivity of a network subject to node or edge failures. In particular, we are concerned with detecting \emph{$(\vareps, k)$-failures}: events in which an adversary deletes up ...
    • On the Use of Linear Programming for Unsupervised Text Classification 

      Sandler, Mark (Cornell University, 2005-05-06)
      We present a new algorithm for large scale unsupervised text classification. Our method views each document as a sample of fixed size from a mixture model, and uses a novel L1-norm based theoretical approach due to ...
    • Privacy via Pseudorandom Sketches 

      Mishra, Nina; Sandler, Mark (Cornell University, 2005-12-18)
      Imagine a collection of individuals who each possess private data that they do not wish to share with a third party. This paper considers how individuals may represent and publish their own data so as to simultaneously ...