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    • Accessing Digital Art: Emulation and Preservation of Complex Digital Art Objects 

      Dietrich, Dianne; Kovari, Jason; Paolillo, Michelle (2014-10-29)
      Slides by representatives of the Preservation & Access Framework for Digital Art Objects (PAFDAO) providing an overview of processes and workflows in the NEH-funded project to preserve CD-ROM based new media art; presentation ...
    • CULAR 

      Paolillo, Michelle (2012-09-21)
      Presentation of metadata in the CULAR (Cornell University Library Archival Repository) context
    • HathiTrust: Possibilities 

      Paolillo, Michelle (2014-03-21)
      The presentation outlines the mission and scope of HathiTrust, Cornell Library's involvement with this initiative, and the possibilities for leveraging the HathiTrust API's for new uses of the content with the HathiTrust ...
    • Making the Migration: Moving Legacy Collections into Hydra 

      Mericle, Danielle; Paolillo, Michelle (2015-10-27)
      This presentation explores the problems encountered when trying to migrate legacy collections from DLXS to both HathiTrust and Hydra.
    • Preserving and Emulating Digital Art Objects 

      Rieger, Oya Y.; Murray, Tim; Casad, Madeleine; Alexander, Desiree; Dietrich, Dianne; Kovari, Jason; Muller, Liz; Paolillo, Michelle; Mericle, Danielle K. (2015-11)
      In 2013, Cornell University Library received a research and development grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to design a framework for preserving access to digital art objects. The Preservation and Access ...