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    • The Cornell Technical Services Marcive Planning Task Force Report 

      Pajerek, Jean; Wicks, Scott; Lawrence, Greg; Korhonen, Anna (Cornell University Library, 2003-06)
      The Cornell University Library Technical Services Executive Group (TSEG) charged the Cornell Technical Services Marcive Planning Task Force, consisting of Jean Pajerek, Scott Wicks, Greg Lawrence, and Anna Korhonen, ...
    • E-Journal Maintenance Task Force: Final Report (4/03) 

      Banush, David; Pajerek, Jean; Rupp, Nathan; Wicks, Scott (Cornell University Library, 2003-04)
      This is a report that investigates new strategies for e-journal maintenance at CUL.
    • E-Journal Maintenance Task Force: Preliminary Report 

      Banush, David; Kara, Bill; Pajerek, Jean; Wicks, Scott (Cornell University Library, 2002-10-30)
      In July 2002, the Electronic Journal Maintenance Task Force (David Banush (chair), Bill Kara, Jean Pajerek and Scott Wicks) received a three-part charge from the Technical Services Executive Group (TSEG.) From mid-July ...
    • Enriching the Catalog with Table of Contents Data 

      Banush, David; Pajerek, Jean (Cornell University Library, 2002-03)
      This is a PDF Web Archive of the website: which contains the report "Enriching the Catalog with Table of Contents Data".
    • Rehabilitating Killer Serials: An Automated Strategy for Maintaining E-journal Metadata 

      Banush, David; Kurth, Martin; Pajerek, Jean (American Library Association, 2005-07)
      Cornell University Library (CUL) has developed a largely automated method for providing title-level catalog access to electronic journals made available through aggregator packages. CUL's technique for automated e-journal ...