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    • Bait Hives for Honey Bees 

      Seeley, Thomas D.; Morse, Roger A.; Nowogrodzki, Richard (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1989-10)
      Capturing swarms of bees can be achieved by following the recomendations in this classic, easy to read publication. The authors researched and tested different sizes and locations and the results are given along with methods ...
    • Small-Scale Queen Rearing by Beekeepers in the Northeast 

      Ratnieks, Francis L. W.; Nowogrodzki, Richard (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1988-06)
      This publication is intended to help hobby or commercial beekeepers rear queens for their own use or for sale. Experience in beekeeping is assumed, as well as familiarity with many beekeeping terms. Covers how, why, when, ...