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    • Analysis of Lake Ontario Lower Aquatic food web Assessment (LOLA 2003 and 2008) within the context of long-term ecological change 

      Rudstam, Lars; Watkins, James; Holeck, Kristen; Munawar, Mohi; Munawar, I. Fatima; Fitzpatrick, Mark; Niblock, Heather; Bowen, Kelly; Koops, Marten; Lozano, Steve; Weidel, Brian; Walsh, Maureen; Lantry, Brian; Stewart, Thomas; Johnson, Timothy; Schaner, Ted; Lantry, Jana; Connerton, Michael; Dove, Alice; Luckey, Fred (2012-10-04)
      Lake Ontario is the 13th largest lake in the world with a surface area of 18,500 km² (Reynolds et al. 2000), has a population in the watershed of over 8 million, and provides a range of ecosystem services to the people in ...