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    • Extracting the Resolution Algorithm from a Completeness Proof for the Propositional Calculus 

      Constable, Robert; Moczydlowski, Wojciech (Cornell University, 2006-12-12)
      We prove constructively that for any propositional formula $\phi$ in Conjunctive Normal Form, we can either find a satisfying assignment of true and false to its variables, or a refutation of $\phi$ showing that it is ...
    • Normalization of IZF with Replacement 

      Moczydlowski, Wojciech (Cornell University, 2006-04-25)
      IZF is a well investigated impredicative constructive version of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory. Using set terms, we axiomatize IZF with Replacement, which we call IZF_R, along with its intensional counterpart IZF_R^-. We ...
    • A Normalizing Intuitionistic Set Theory with Inaccessible Sets 

      Moczydlowski, Wojciech (Cornell University, 2006-10-11)
      We propose a set theory strong enough to interpret powerful type theories underlying proof assistants such as LEGO and also possibly Coq, which at the same time enables program extraction from constructive proofs. For ...