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    • Automatic Text Decomposition Using Text Segments and Text Themes 

      Salton, Gerard; Singhal, Amit; Buckley, Chris; Mitra, Mandar (Cornell University, 1995-11)
      With the widespread use of full-text information retrieval, passage-retrieval techniques are becoming increasingly popular. Larger texts can then be replaced by important text excerpts, thereby simplifying the retrieval ...
    • Document Length Normalization 

      Singhal, Amit; Salton, Gerard; Mitra, Mandar; Buckley, Chris (Cornell University, 1995-07)
      In the TREC collection -- a large full-text experimental text collection with widely varying document lengths -- we observe that the likelihood of a document being judged relevant by a user increases with the document ...
    • Pivoted Document Length Normalization 

      Singhal, Amit; Buckley, Chris; Mitra, Mandar; Salton, Gerard (Cornell University, 1995-11)
      Document length normalization is an important aspect of term weight assignment in an automatic information retrieval system. In this study, we observe that a normalization scheme that retrieves documents of all lengths ...