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    • Aspects Of Eukaryotic Dna Replication, Repair And Recombination 

      Li, Xin (2009-08-19)
      The mechanism that replicates, maintains, and sometimes alters the DNA is most fundamental and important for life. Three processes (DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination) that are involved in this mechanism are closely ...
    • Cornell University Library Partnership Assessment Tools 

      Berger-Eden, Barbara; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Koltay, Zsuzsa; Li, Xin; Lyons, Curtis; Mericle, Danielle; Steinhart, Gail; Weissman, Ed; Zheng, Liren (2015-05)
      In 2012 Cornell University Library (CUL) created two assessment tools, drawing heavily on work published in the United Kingdom. These tools are meant to be used to evaluate partnerships at multiple points in their life ...
    • Get to Know Your AULs 

      Li, Xin; Saylor, John; Rieger, Oya; Krafft, Dean; McCue, Janet; Kenney, Anne; Cartmill, Lee; Tancheva, Kornelia; Cadmus, Femi; Ochs, Mary; Rockey, Steve; Lyons, Curtis; Boettcher, Bonna (Cornell University Library, 2012)
      "Get to Know Your AULs" is a series of informal discussions with pairs of AULs (Associate University Librarians)who briefly explaining their positions and responsibilities, and then answer questions – both from the audience, ...
    • A Panel Discussion on CUL's International Projects 

      Green, Greg; Krkoska, Baseema Banoo; Li, Xin; Mills, Thomas; Ochs, Mary; Porciello, Jaron (2010-11-03)
      CUL staff who are or have been involved in an international project, or a project that carries with it an international scope, will come together to discuss and answer questions about these projects with the larger CUL audience.
    • What do users think of us? Mining three years of CUL LibQUAL+ data (PowerPoint presentation) 

      O'Brien, Liane; Miller, Linda; Li, Xin (2008-05-22)
      This PowerPoint was presented at CUL's Professional Development Week on May 21, 2008. It presents a longitudinal view of CUL's LibQUAL+ data for the "core questions" that were asked in each of the three 2002, 2003 and ...
    • What do users think of us? Mining three years of CUL LibQUAL+ data (Word doc) 

      O'Brien, Liane; Miller, Linda; Li, Xin (2008-07-24)
      This study of CUL's LibQUAL+ data was presented on May 21, 2008 at CUL's Professional Development Week. The PowerPoint file is located in CUL's eCommons: . This report ...