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    • Decomposition of Algebraic Functions 

      Kozen, Dexter; Landau, Susan; Zippel, Richard (Cornell University, 1994-02)
      Functional decomposition--whether a function $f(x)$ can be written as a composition of functions $g(h(x))$ in a nontrivial way--is an important primitive in symbolic computation systems. The problem of univariate ...
    • Functional Decomposition of Polynomials 

      Von zur Gathen, Joachim; Kozen, Dexter; Landau, Susan (Cornell University, 1987-07)
    • Polynomial Decomposition Algorithms 

      Kozen, Dexter; Landau, Susan (Cornell University, 1986-08)
      In a recent paper [BZ], Barton and Zippel examine the question of when a polynomial $f(x)$ over a field of characteristic 0 has a nontrivial decomposition $f(x)=g(h(x))$. They give two exponential-time algorithms, both ...