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    • Accommodating Simplicity and Complexity in Metadata: Lessons from theDublin Core Experience 

      Lagoze, Carl (Cornell University, 2000-06-30)
      The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) grew out of a recognized need for improved resource discovery of web resources. Initial work on the DCMES focused on the requirement of simplicity: "ordinary" users should be ...
    • An Architecture for Automatic Reference Linking (Extended Version) 

      bergmark, Donna; Lagoze, Carl (Cornell University, 2001-06-18)
      Along with the explosive growth of the Web has come a great increase in on-line scholarly literature. More and moNot only is Web retrieval usually faster than a walk to the library, but the information obtained from the ...
    • An Architecture for Reference Linking 

      Bergmark, Donna; Arms, William; Lagoze, Carl (Cornell University, 2000-10-26)
      The Digital Library Research Group at Cornell has Reference Linking as one of its projects. Typical projects within in the group take an object-oriented approach to handling digital information. To support reference ...
    • CED 2 AR: The Comprehensive Extensible Data Documentation and Access Repository 

      Lagoze, Carl; Vilhuber, Lars; Williams, Jeremy; Perry, Benjamin; Block, William C. (Digital Libraries (JCDL), 2014 IEEE/ACM Joint Conference on, 2014-12-04)
      We describe the design, implementation, and deployment of the Comprehensive Extensible Data Documentation and Access Repository (CED 2 AR). This is a metadata repository system that allows researchers to search, browse, ...
    • A Characterization Study of NCSTRL Distributed Searching 

      Dushay, Naomi; French, James C.; Lagoze, Carl (Cornell University, 1999-01)
      NCSTRL, the Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library, is a federated digital library based on the Dienst architecture. One aspect of this architecture is distributed searching, with digital library queries ...
    • Data Management of Confidential Data 

      Lagoze, Carl; Block, William C.; Williams, Jeremy; Abowd, John M.; Vilhuber, Lars (8th International Digital Curation Conference, 2013-01)
      Social science researchers increasingly make use of data that is confidential because it contains linkages to the identities of people, corporations, etc. The value of this data lies in the ability to join the identifiable ...
    • A Design for Inter-Operable Secure Object Stores (ISOS) 

      Lagoze, Carl; McGrath, Robert; Overly, Ed; Yeager, Nancy (Cornell University, 1995-11)
      We describe a distributed object-based design for repositories in a digital library infrastructure. This design for Inter-operable Secure Object Stores, ISOS, defines the interfaces to secure repositories that inter-operate ...
    • Dienst: Implementation Reference Manual 

      Lagoze, Carl; Shaw, Erin; Davis, James R.; Krafft, Dean B. (Cornell University, 1995-05)
      We describe the architecture and implementation of Dienst: a protocol and server that provides distributed document libraries over the World Wide Web. Dienst is based on a document model that incorporates unique document ...
    • An Early Prototype of the Comprehensive Extensible Data Documentation and Access Repository (CED2AR) 

      Block, William C.; Williams, Jeremy; Abowd, John M.; Vilhuber, Lars; Lagoze, Carl (European DDI User Conference (EDDI12), 2012-12-03)
      This presentation will demonstrate the latest DDI-related technological developments of Cornell University’s $3 million NSF-Census Research Network (NCRN) award, dedicated to improving the documentation, discoverability, ...
    • Encoding Provenance of Social Science Data: Integrating PROV with DDI 

      Lagoze, Carl; Block, William C; Williams, Jeremy; Abowd, John; Vilhuber, Lars (2013-10-09)
      Provenance is a key component of evaluating the integrity and reusability of data for scholarship. While recording and providing access provenance has always been important, it is even more critical in the web environment ...
    • An Event-Aware Model for Metadata Interoperability 

      Lagoze, Carl; Hunter, Jane; Brickley, Dan (Cornell University, 2000-06-30)
      We describe the ABC modeling work of the Harmony Project. The ABC model provides a foundation for understanding interoperability of individual metadata modules as described in the Warwick Framework and for developing ...
    • Implementation Issues in an Open Architectural Framework for Digital ObjectServices 

      Lagoze, Carl; Ely, David (Cornell University, 1995-09)
      We provide high level designs for implementing some key aspects of the Kahn/Wilensky Framework for Distributed Digital Object Services. We focus on five aspects of the architecture: 1) Negotiation on terms and conditions ...
    • Improving User Access to Metadata for Public and Restricted Use US Federal Statistical Files 

      Block, William C.; Williams, Jeremy; Vilhuber, Lars; Lagoze, Carl; Brown, Warren; Abowd, John M. (2013-04-03)
      Presentation at NADDI 2013
    • An Infrastructure for Open-Architecture Digital Libraries 

      Lagoze, Carl; Payette, Sandra (Cornell University, 1998-06)
      A digital library is a managed collection of digital objects and services that support the storage, discovery, retrieval, and preservation of those objects. We describe an open architecture in which core digital library ...
    • Interoperability, Metadata, and Complex Objects 

      Lagoze, Carl (2007-03-16)
    • Lost Identity: The Assimilation Of Digital Libraries Into The Web 

      Lagoze, Carl (2010-04-09)
      The idea of Digital Libraries emerged in the early 1990s from a vision of a “library of the future”, without walls and open 24 hours a day. These digital libraries would leverage the substantial investments of federal ...
    • Managing Confidentiality and Provenance across Mixed Private and Publicly-Accessed Data and Metadata 

      Vilhuber, Lars; Abowd, John; Block, William; Lagoze, Carl; Williams, Jeremy (2013 Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Research Conference, 2013-11)
      Social science researchers are increasingly interested in making use of confidential micro-data that contains linkages to the identities of people, corporations, etc. The value of this linking lies in the potential to join ...
    • Modeling Decisions for Digital Content 

      Dushay, Naomi; Lagoze, Carl (Cornell University, 2000-07-19)
      The organization of digital information poses unique challenges not only due to rapidly evolving data formats and software, but also because digital content may be dynamic, distributed, or executable. Managers of digital ...
    • NCRN Meeting Spring 2014: Integrating PROV with DDI: Mechanisms of Data Discovery within the U.S. Census Bureau 

      Block, William; Brown, Warren; Williams, Jeremy; Vilhuber, Lars; Lagoze, Carl (2014-05-22)
      presentation at NCRN Spring 2014 meeting
    • NCRN Meeting Spring 2016: Crowdsourcing Metadata – Challenges and Outlook 

      Vilhuber, Lars; Perry, Benjamin; Kambhampaty, Venkata; Brumsted, Kyle; Lagoze, Carl (2016-05-10)
      Recent years have shown the power of user-sourced information evidenced by the success of Wikipedia and its many emulators. This sort of unstructured discussion is currently not feasible as a part of the otherwise successful ...