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    • Is America on the decline? 

      LaFeber, Walter; Katzenstein, Peter J. (1988-04-05)
      LaFeber and Katzenstein both address the question of America on the decline, with LaFeber providing a historical account of how the decline has happened and Katzenstein suggesting some solutions to it.
    • The United States in Latin America: a history of intervention 

      LaFeber, Walter (1988-10-31)
      LeFeber examines the history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and relates America's modern Latin American policies to its previous history of intervention.
    • Video: The Corson Legacy: An Overview 

      LaFeber, Walter; Abrams, M. H. (2009-07-22)
      This is a companion piece to the Book: "The Legacy of Dale R. Corson". It is an Introduction to the DVD which encompasses many of the items in this collection.