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    • A discussion with Claude Lanzmann about his films 

      Lanzmann, Claude; Murray, Timothy; Rodowick, David Norman; Weiss, John Hubbel; LaCapra, Dominick, 1939-; Furman, Nelly; Buck-Morss, Susan; Brinkley, Anthony (1995-04-27)
    • History and the novel 

      LaCapra, Dominick, 1939- (1984-11-28)
      LaCapra describes the relationship of the novel to history and briefly chronicles intellectual history, interpreting and defining the novel through its relation to history.
    • Intellectual history: a reconsideration 

      LaCapra, Dominick, 1939- (1980-04-24)
      After explaining that a feeling of crises within the field of intellectual history has motivated introspection into the nature and objectives of the field, LaCapra discusses existing approaches and outlines alternative ...
    • On the rhetoric of racism in literature 

      LaCapra, Dominick, 1939-; Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. (1988-04-15)
      Tape includes introductory remarks by La Capra; Gates presents an overview of the state of black education in the United States today and opens the conference Race and the Humanities.