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    • Environmental Education in Urban Systems: An Exploration in Research and Practice 

      Lauber, T. Bruce; Tidball, Keith G.; Krasny, Marianne; Freitas, Naima; Griswold, Brigitte; Ukeritis, Betsy; Word, Chrissy (Civic Ecology Lab, 2012-04)
    • Environmental Education Research 

      Li, Yue; Krasny, Marianne; Russ, Alexis (2014)
      As online courses become increasingly popular, course designers are searching for ways to create learning experiences that move beyond content acquisition to incorporate meaningful interactions among learners and between ...
    • Water Worlds 

      Hawkes, Janet E.; Jirka, Kurt; Krasny, Marianne; Phillips, Diane Held (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1988-09)
      Heighten the awareness of the natural world for youths by examining a variety of aquatic environments including ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, puddles, salt marshes or oceans, and learn about the physical and biological ...
    • Won't You Be My Neighbor? 

      Moran, Elizabeth; Krasny, Marianne (2008-02-05)
      Part of the Grab and Go With Science Series, this activity guides youth in learning how to remove water contaminants. Youth will be charged with cleaning up a water supply contaminated with a variety of nonpoint source ...