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    • Solving Alignment using Elementary Linear Algebra 

      Bau, David; Kodukula, Induprakas; Kotlyar, Vladimir; Pingali, Keshav; Stodghill, Paul (Cornell University, 1995-01)
      Data and computation alignment is an important part of compiling sequential programs to architectures with non-uniform memory access times. In this paper, we show that elementary matrix methods can be used to determine ...
    • SplitThreads - Split-C Threads 

      Avula, Veena; Kodukula, Induprakas (Cornell University, 1995-10)
      SplitThreads are enhancements to Split-C by user level non pre-emptive threads. The primary motivation for SplitThreads comes from the fact that the SPMD paradigm of Split-C is a limitation for some important problems. At ...