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    • NetQuery: A General-Purpose Channel for Reasoning about Network 

      Shieh, Alan; Kennedy, Oliver; Sirer, Emin Gun; Schneider, Fred (2009-05-15)
      Although the configuration of modern networks has a significant impact on the performance, robustness, and security of applications, networks lack support for reporting these differences. This paper presents the design ...
    • Securing BGP Using External Security Monitors 

      Reynolds, Patrick; Kennedy, Oliver; Sirer, Emin Gun; Schneider, Fred (Cornell University, 2006-12-21)
      Security modifications to legacy network protocols are expensive and disruptive. This paper outlines an approach, based on external security monitors, for securing legacy protocols by deploying additional hosts that locally ...
    • Watch Out For... What?: Monitoring And Uncertainty In Scientific Computing 

      Kennedy, Oliver (2011-05-31)
      As the amount of data involved in scientific research continues to grow, the need for powerful tools for organizing and analyzing this data grows with it. Despite considerable progress in this area by the database research ...